8S brand women's fashion just appropriate embellishment and sublimation

"You have to look at fashion in a humorous way, above fashion, and believe it is enough to leave a mark on life, but at the same time do not believe in it so you can maintain your freedom." Or is this casual confidence and quest , 8S brand naturally exudes a unique beauty, she seems to be reminded at all times "beauty" to give each woman the freedom to live in the body; fashion, without deliberately carved, too follow, just appropriate embellishment and Sublimation is enough.


Classic suit collar through the revision designed into a large lapel, even more elegant atmosphere, the belt can be arbitrarily tied out a variety of knots, diamond plaid is an integral part of fashion fashion elements, diamond control if you are absolutely not to be missed!

8S品牌女装  时尚只需恰如其分的点缀和升华

Large stand collar design in the cold winter, popular with the people of the city of Lai, the bright beige does not like white publicity, remove the tedious embellishment only with gold buttons set off, the elegant bow ribbon Department to avoid the bloated winter flu.

Poly Dazzle Grey Color

Poly Fleece,Poly Poplin,Poly Crepe Material,Poly Cotton Material

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