A cubic brand women blowing a Japanese Sen woman wind

a³ brand women is one of the three branches affiliated to Guangzhou Home and Houseware Co., Ltd. It will bring the latest work to the 2013 Shenzhen Apparel Show. At that time, a series of sweet Japanese style will be blown up and natural style will be interpreted.

Booth number: 1J02. Hall number: Hall 1.


a立方品牌女装 刮起一阵日系森女风

a Cube brand women's clothing is derived from the Japanese style, set clothing, fashion accessories and household goods and integrated enterprise, in the design style adhering to the combination of man and nature of the concept of integration into a number of retro garden style and simplicity Introverted fashion, to create a sweet and comfortable style of Mori girl.

Booth number: 1J02.

Hall number: Hall 1.

Ladies Pants

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