According to Lin Kai women convey the infinite charm and romantic atmosphere of women

"EILINKAI according to H. Lam " followers 25 years old to 40 years old love life, full of meaning and eager to fashionable urban women to express the inner qualities, personality and taste through their own choice.


Brand style "EILINKAI according to Lin Kai" closely follow the international fashion trend, using a wealth of international popular colors. With simple, elegant style and fashion, casual personality positioning.
Design portfolio "EILINKAI Yilin Kai" brand design team is a famous Shanghai design team, professional and innovative designer team.


Distinctive Features With simple and imaginative design to create a feminine and elegant modern image, the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Simple and elegant tailoring work to give a distinctive style and unique rhythm, the portrayal of the female lines to convey the infinite charm and romantic atmosphere of women.

Wrist Warmer, which is called Fingerless Gloves, these quick-to-knit warmers keep wrists and the upper part of the hands toasty while preserving finger dexterity. In mildly cold weather, they can be worn as is; when it`s really cold, they can be layered with gloves underneath. They are shown here in women`s and men`s versions. The men`s pattern is great for all ages, even `cool` teenage boys who worry that handknits might be too girlish for them. One size fits just about everyone, a handy feature for gifts.

Wrist Warmer

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