ANY-ALL is bound to wait for you in 2010 Fall Winter Fashion Conference

When the culture of the art hall ravaged China's five thousand years of civilization, everything became natural and fluid, with deep cultural heritage and unremitting artistic pursuits, which resulted in inevitable costumes.

Unique taste, original style, expressed love for nature; yearning for the original ecology; respect for culture and art.

On May 30th, it is inevitable that the autumn and winter orders will bloom in due course and look forward to your arrival!

This season, we have prepared for you a richer style and design that better fits the needs of the market. Along the way, we have explored a better way to serve you and serve the market. Thanks to the agents all over the country and the support of the inevitable costume friends, we hope that more friends can go side by side with us. future.

This ordering conference will also provide a good opportunity for all franchisees and agents across the country to gather and exchange.

Inevitably, all my colleagues will be waiting for you!

Conference time: May 30, 2010
Company Address: 3F West, Building 535, Bagua 2nd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen
Tel: 25910482/82429481
Company website:
Conference Venue: Shenzhen Water Hill Hotel

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