Balabala campus tide: fresh campus style gentleman

Sure enough, or the British uniforms, the most lined up the students refined and fashion Fan! If you do not have such a uniform, to Barra Barra, fresh campus style, interpretation of gentle small gentleman. For children to create a campus tide, try some gentle and stylish mix. Simple blue and white color, fresh and refined, the trend of the small backpack gives the child an adolescent vitality! For students, plaid shirt must be an essential single item. And, the beauty of plaid shirt is still "take-all" boys and girls! Balalabalu designed a different size, thickness and color of the lattice with a single product, there is a suitable for your baby!

PVA Cleaning Towel,Microfiber Towel for cleaning car,Once it dries up, simply rewet in the water, it is soft for cleaning again. Also it has been widely used as drying towel, 90% water absorb just in 3-5mints. Take it, just enjoy the cleaning with our pva Cleaning Towel.
size:30*30cm,35*40cm etc(customized)
Pattern:Plain Dyed

PVA Cleaning Towel

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