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Body shaping underwear which join ? First Belle very underwear, joined Tel: 400 -658-0758 QQ: 400 -658-0758 Belle Ting (Website http://) Fashion features underwear focus on shaping the perfect curve of women Zhuo extraordinary, highlight Women's self-confidence and charm; Belle brand bra underwear elegant but not flaunt, simple but not simple, every detail of the design are distributed Belle brand of wonderful, with a ubiquitous surprise let you experience the joy of life , Really bring you is unparalleled intimate enjoyment.


Combining the design concepts and characteristics of body medicine, engineering, mechanics, aesthetics and underwear design disciplines, Belleline integrates the latest trend information of the world's underwear and adopts the latest international environmental protection and environmental protection fabrics. According to the characteristics of the female body, Belle has introduced high-quality, Healthy, comfortable functional underwear . Belle very underwear make you wear to concentrate, supporting good effect. The whole striped lace looks beautiful, chicken heart bow even more feminine, cup material with pure natural plant fiber fabric, healthy and comfortable. Bra ear ear cutting cup design, widening steel ring cut reasonable, can breasts complete tolerance, wear clothing degree is good, and not easy to produce furs. U-shaped design than after the more stable, firmly lock the fat, to prevent the shoulder strap from slipping off, flat back. Wear Belle Ting sculpting underwear so that you enjoy the charm showcase, add more confidence, enjoy the luxury of quality, create a charming curve. Belle is very underwear to make you in the hot summer, bringing non-average self-confidence to enjoy the experience.

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