Buyer recommended new sandals discount style

Belle 08 new original price: 598 yuan (full 300 minus 120 yuan)
When it came time to buy sandals, it was still an old saying: Is shoes now so expensive? A pair of new sandals, the price seems to be very common in 400-500 yuan. Many people have great experience: "Unless you are encountering a style that you particularly like, otherwise the new listing is generally not considered to buy. However, first scan the goods to aim at their favorite styles, and wait until the mall to launch a discount event to buy immediately The next; or simply go to some sales will be Amoy last year's style, seemingly are good ideas.

Recently, Yongan Department Store held a colorful ladies' day. Some footwear brand new products also introduced full 300 minus 120 yuan. For new products, such discounts are still worth looking at. Here, Xiao Bian wants to remind everyone that there are many brands that only have a single shoe to participate in this activity, and new sandals do not participate, so please consult the salesperson when buying. However, Belle and Tianmei Yi participated.
Belle 08 new reference price: 478 yuan (full 300 minus 120 yuan)
Belle 08 new reference price: 598 yuan (full 300 minus 120 yuan)
Belle 08 new reference price: 558 yuan (full 300 minus 120 yuan)
Belle 08 new reference price: 558 yuan (full 300 minus 120 yuan)
Belle 08 new reference price: 528 yuan (full 300 minus 120 yuan)
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           5.Review the samples of basketball wear as customer's requet by responsible person

           6.Confirm with customers for the detials of basketball clothes and get ready to produce the orders

           7.Production---Fabric Weaving---Fabric Cutting---Printing---Embroidering---Ironing---Sewing---Quality Inspection---Delivery


    2.Order process for basketball sports wear:




    3.Products pictures for basketball sports wear:





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