Cardigan brand men's series fancy campus son

In this warm and cold days, thin but warm Cardigan knit jacket is absolutely a companion, this season to show off more people, with a variety of bright colors and patterns design, so that gentlemen into the gentle son of the campus, Or full of sunny outdoor man. In the past, most men's knitted jacket to keep warm as the prerequisite, the design tend to be solid low-key, fortunate enough to blow the wind on the campus, the season finally once again much attention, the major brands are playing knit jackets on the flowers, such as weaving patterns , Nail embroidery, wipe bright colors and so on, so that the classic knitted jacket has become wonderful. Hit the color pattern ride in recent years, the schoolboy son outdoor and outdoor wind, this autumn and winter Cardigan also dominated these two types. To incarnate campus son, of course, to put on a traditional V-neck open chest knit jacket, gentle enough to comfort. A number of brands have broken the traditional deep dull situation, the introduction of bright knitted jacket, such as Replay and American Eagle Outfitters respectively, blue and yellow mustard design, hit all kinds of compartments and checkered pattern shirts, even more eye-catching and stylish. Japanese tide brand Hare play more red, white and blue Color Block hit the color, the body cut exceptionally vintage taste. In addition to net color, decorated with lozenge, checkered and dog teeth British design, is also a good choice. Another season men's popular letter Logo iron chapter, in addition to see all kinds of Baseball Jacket, there are many letters Cardigan, Replay there is a bright green letter knit jacket to counter collar design, Sporty without losing the campus color. National snow handle The outdoor knit jacket, of course, is a colorful ethnic designs and Nordic Print snow handle world, as if Hare, Esprit and American Eagle Outfitters have a large choice, V-neck open chest, cap, anti-collar and collar design One should be prepared. If too snowy handle too eye-catching, optional Chunky heavier, anti-collar collar or business style, decorated with wooden buttons and Earth Tone colors, low-key to distribute outdoor atmosphere.

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