Change is the Beginning of the Revolution - Remember 2012 Allison Costumes Inspirational Realism

At the beginning of 2012, when all the underwear companies in Siu Lam were still preparing for the development plan of the brand in one year, most of the companies are still making preparations for this year's two industry events. At the same time, Zhongshan love Dress is indeed a difficult choice for the founder Kai Kaiyuan period of change, because he will start operating two years ago, two boutique men's underwear brand; "Love Hill," "Dragonfly Prince" project for transformation and transformation.
Why should the previous great investment in capital and effort and once caused extraordinary sound in the industry market, two boutique mens underwear brand for conversion? What does conversion mean? The author with the hearts of doubt and Love Chen costume founder Mr. Li Jinlai made an in-depth exchange. The dialogue is as follows
Author: "love Chen" "dragonfly prince" two brands currently in the local market response is not bad, why do you think of restructuring?
Ai Chen Lee: In fact, the two brands of our company are already profitable, but from the brand development in the long run we are equipped with the market service staff is indeed limited, and the brand long-term sustainable development Can not be separated from the momentum and promotion, we as small and medium-sized enterprises at the same time the operation of two high-end positioning of men's underwear boutique brand, said the actual funding or there will be a gap, which will directly affect the brand sales, rather than doing Not good service leads to unhealthy reputation, it is better to suspend a full range of foreign service focus and local controllable areas, I want the market result is a win-win situation, so in line with the triple needs of customers on the brand and business development we have suspended Two large brand market promotion and sales, to local control, key supply, full production, in-depth research and development ------
I: listen to you say so not only dismissed my original pity for your company's two brands contrary to let me feel that you seem to have a higher strategic layout in which, then your conversion specifically refers to?
Ai Chen Li total: 2012 Our overall strategy is to attack the development of regional brands, supplemented by force. The full development of OEM production-oriented enterprises as the goal, the whole company to implement the overall mobilization, the development of the brand must first allow enterprises to eat energetically Chuangshi it! (Easy smile) In response to this reform and rectification, we also set up a general meeting of the company and set up a new system in which all employees participated in the overall win-win system of full-time awards, corporate development, revenue-earning management, factory production growth and employee income growth.


Moreover, now all underwear companies have follow suit to step into the boutique underwear industry, the market is easy to "make more choices" (relatively speaking) production has become a major challenge to the development of quality brand companies, we this restructuring Some level is also taking an anti-market strategy of an attempt, we have men's boutique underwear more than two years of practical experience in the market, through our own experience to understand the basic needs of the market rules and forms, we have many years of practical experience in the development of professional Our team can cooperate with our brand new products R & D, we have a lot of good practices and good workmanship next to a large number of good old workers (compared to similar colleagues). So look for us to do good quality OEM business words; rest assured! Our own strength in this process can also be effectively added, so that this strategy of restructuring the strategic concept!
(The above is an excerpt from the dialogues between the author and Mr. Lee's costumes, and some of the core inconveniences involved in the development of enterprises are reported too much and will be decrypted in different periods in the future)
The author afterword: the ancient cloud; students such as against the current boat, do not go back, this dialogue with the business awareness; Love Chen costumes always take advantage of Lee's brand of surviving fortune and cut the complexity and the opposite direction and retreat to the market strategy is worth the industry to borrow, it will be issued in this paper by borrowing Kam. Need to enter into the distance from the friends can also visit love Chen official website: or love Chen official blog: Described in detail.

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