China Fashion Designers Association Training Center - the flagship of China's fashion industry think tank

China Fashion Designers Association Training Center - the flagship of China's fashion industry think tank

China Fashion Designers Association Training Center October Hangzhou-- "Showing Practical Training Training"

Class announcement:
China Fashion Designer Association Training Center's latest phase of "Exhibition Combat Training Training" will be held from October 13th to October 23rd at the Hangzhou Training Base in Zhejiang Province. Registration is now open to interested parties. > You can arrange your time in advance and register by October 13. The number of training courses is limited (within 30 persons), and the deadline for submission is due. Registration at the China Fashion Designers Association Training Center.

Special notice:
Participants who attend the training in Hangzhou in October need to reserve seats in advance by paying 500 yuan in advance tuition. Students who book seats and pay for tuition fees can receive a 10% discount in tuition fees and get the "Store Display Design" signed by teacher Han Yang. A professional book. Those who have applied for the registration fee will not enjoy the above benefits.
For details, please refer to the attachment registration method.

Hello everyone:

The China Fashion Asoociation Training Center has achieved remarkable results since launching exhibition designers' training courses in China. Up to now, more than 100 well-known brand companies have appointed full-time company personnel to participate in the exhibition training courses of the center. They have also been appointed by several well-known domestic design institutes such as Beijing Institute of Fashion, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Dalian Light Industry College, and Xi'an University of Technology. Specialists attended the course and expressed recognition and support for the center's training courses.

Based on the principle of pooling the best domestic teaching staff to solve practical problems for the company, the central training course is characterized by practicality, in-depthness, practice, and comprehensiveness. Each period of the course is composed of outstanding successful brand professional lecturers and puts the most advanced knowledge and methods. Professors were taught to the students, and a brand shop was set up to carry out practical operation courses. In 10 days, the students had obvious and effective results. From October 13th to 23rd, the China Fashion Designers Association training center will hold training courses for display designers in training bases in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The industry’s most interested and interested students who are interested in entering the display industry are welcome to contact us for detailed information.
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Annually visit Europe every year and deliver international visual marketing consulting and reference materials on a monthly basis:

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Advanced Display Design Training Training Course
Every two months, 11 days per session, senior lecturers from China, France, and Canada, and brand flagship stores are on-site. Http://?boardID=6&ID=54&page=1

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