Colorful beauty underwear to enjoy the collision of youth and maturity

Elegant and understated, simple but not simple, every detail of the cut, are revealing the colorful beauty wonderful, in a surprise everywhere, reflecting the joy of life bit by bit, to bring you unparalleled intimate feel.


Colorful undershirt emphasizes simple and smooth lines, the use of bright and elegant color combinations show the spring of fresh, summer charming, at the same time in the New Year is approaching, bring new fashion. Beautiful beauty underwear beautiful leader, female friend preferred intimate partner; underwear industry leader, underwear brand leader.

缤纷丽人内衣 享受青春与成熟的碰撞

Colorful beauty of the charm of close personal comfort care, so you have no worries in the social arena to showcase their own unique charm! Colorful beauty of the heart of the elegant with a hard to conceal the luxury; sexy revealed sweet cute; mature and youthful collision, to give you a different kind of mood!

4U Chassis is also called a 4u rack-mounted classis. The rack-mountable suits 19-inch rack, U is a unit that represents the height of the outside of the chassis, 4u is the height of the Server Chassis 4 times of 44.44MM. Its main role is to place and fix the motherboard, power supply, fan and other accessories to play a supporting and protective role.

4U Chassis

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