Fashion, simple, atmospheric femininity - Chu Weiwei

<p align="center"> 楚阁 - TRUGIRL

Simple European version of the line, chic hand-sewn and precise cutting structure changes are the most touched women TRUVIVI place


Multiple collocation for a variety of occasions, the choice of the modern urban women implicit, introverted sexy full interpretation of the characteristics


Subdivision style positioning: fashion handsome casual accounted for 60%, sexy fashion 40%

80% Main categories: single with the main

Plate structure: semi-integrated version of the main

Color: neutral color, color purity and emphasis on the bright colors


Chu Wei Wei spring trend LOOK

Low-key luxury street sexy


TRUVIVI season to continue with the main

Blending the essence of the season's top four fashion weeks, vintage prints, tie-dyed, hollow perspective fabrics, back and hem cuff stitching lace, charm black, melon orange, pink color matching gold jewelry. Gives new street sensual fashion definition.



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