French high-end clothing custom brand fraeigeo France AEG Women's 2013 autumn and winter new products

Fraeigeo France Women's Women's Clothing is a high-end women's tailor-made clothing brand from France. Fraeigeo has always been aiming to build an international first-line women's brand, inheriting from the 19th-century French tailor's family. The Chinese name: Faigigeo is a brand named after the founder. The brand is known for its elegant style and cozy coexistence of European style. It is recognized by consumers for its fine craftsmanship that is comparable to that of high-end hand-made products. The brand focuses on women's all-around top-level clothing image design to find women's unique and authentic self. A series of classic costumes worthy of collection were made by Fraeigeo.

French high-end clothing custom brand fraeigeo France AEG Women's 2013 autumn and winter new products

Marc Fraeigeo believes that the origin of life is clean and pure. It is an eternal fashion. Based on this, the illusion of color can bring about the right touch. Fraeigeo inherits the fine tradition of a hundred years and has always believed that as the clothing that displays the soul, it is the second layer of the body's skin. Therefore, the quality of the fabrics is extremely demanding. The fabrics used are all top international fabrics and mainly made of natural fabrics. With a variety of high-quality accessories, clever outlines, elegant lines, elegant cut show women elegant body shape, reflecting the extraordinary bearing of clothing. As a women's all-around fashion modeling instructor, Fraeigeo products are very rich, in addition to sweaters, shirts, coats, coats. In addition to cloaks, skirts, and trousers, various themed accessories such as shawls, scarves, bags, shoes, and pendants that match with the theme clothes can be freely collocated with customers to easily create a decent image in various situations. Fraeigeo extended the sincere, modest, considerate, professional service attitude and service quality of the tailor's family, bringing the perfect fashion experience to every lady who met with Fraeigeo. Fraeigeo France AEG Women's Join Agent: http://

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