From the shoe company to the clothing brand Hongxing Erke innovation without fear of challenge

In the past 10 years, for many Quanzhou sports brands, they have undergone a process of “transformation”. They have started to give OEMs from international brands to create their own brands, from small workshop-type processing companies to grow into listed companies, and from brands. It is unfamiliar to be a top 500 Chinese brand. For these Quanzhou enterprises, this is absolutely "spring" for 10 years. As a member of many sports companies in Quanzhou, Erke grew up with this “spring”, and also wrote a unique chapter down to earth and to the first place.

However, "spring" is not always present, and "winter" will eventually arrive. After the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the sportswear industry experienced a “bottleneck” in development after a rapid expansion. As the global economic depression and consumer preferences began to change, the overall growth rate of the sportswear industry quickly slowed down. Compared to the slump in sportswear, the casual wear market has maintained good growth. According to data provided by the China Garment Association, the casual wear market has grown by more than 30% annually, and the entire apparel industry is about 20%. Casual wear is the fastest growing branch of the apparel industry. Mr. Chen, an agent who has joined several well-known sports brands, told reporters that “Sports brand shoes and clothing styles have remained almost constant over the years, and it is increasingly difficult to satisfy the pursuit of fashion and individuality among young people today.” Mr. Wang, who is responsible for sports brand counters in shopping malls, also agrees with this view. “Whether it is shoes or clothing, the habit of these brands is to make a fuss about the function, but in fact the effect on the sales promotion is not obvious, if we can spread the energy to the products. The appearance of fashion should be better."

Even though many sports brands are still keen on sports marketing, trying to snatch London Olympics resources by spending big sums of money, and seizing the last straw of the sportswear brand marketing, Hongxing Erke has turned to products that are more fashionable and casual, quietly to casual clothing. Brand transformation. Obviously, this national brand that started off with sports has been keenly “sniffing” the change in market trends from the development of the industry. On the issue of how to deal with the next 10 years, they proposed the grand vision of “Building the world's leading apparel brand” several years ago, and devoted their attention to the broader apparel industry. According to the reporter's observation, in the past two years, Hongxing Erke has indeed undergone a lot of changes from the terminal to the product, less rendering of the strength and speed of the movement, and more sense of fashion and leisure. In particular, the "micro-collar T," which was promoted this summer, has given up on the theme series of sportswear habits and instead embarked on the marketing of casual apparel brand categories.

However, the transition is not an overnight move. At this time, is it the best time to enter casual wear? When MTB of U.S., UT of Uniqlo and other T-shirts have occupied a certain share in the market, and form a certain market “barrier”, Hongxing Erke What is the advantage of the micro-collar T with its shoulder? Consumers can buy it? In this regard, Hongxing Erke's relevant sources said that compared with the T-shirt launched by Smith Barney and Uniqlo, the micro-collar T introduced physical properties The leader's T "to achieve product differentiation, from the emotional appeal is also very consistent with the target consumer group to pursue wild and eager to publicize the psychological characteristics of their own personality, from the perspective of market performance, this product is also popular with young people, for Hongxing Erke The introduction of new products in the future will provide a good experience for reference and will also enhance team confidence.

Although it is still a long way to use products to reverse consumers' impressions of the sportswear brands that Hongxing has built up over the years, for these Chinese private enterprises that have grown up in the “Grassroots”, innovation is the only way to achieve transformational breakthroughs. selected. With the rise of Chinese brands in the world map, the transformation of Chinese manufacturing into China is the only way for Chinese private enterprises. On this road, we rely on the spirit of “innovation” that we never give up, have the wisdom of willingness, and we must There is willingness to create the second glory. We expect the next "spring" to arrive as soon as possible.

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