Guangxi Nanhai "Nanzhuwang" is the largest seawater pearl in China

In a transparent glass showcase, a white sculpture of "Pearl Fairy" holds a large, round and full of pearls. The "Nanzhuwang" from the Guangxi Beihai Sea is 1.12 cm x 1.55 cm in diameter and is currently the largest seawater pearl in China.

This "Nanzhuwang" is worth 2 million yuan and was discovered by a pearl farmer when he was salvaging in the Beibu Gulf. The line of the "fairy" that sets off it is also very valuable: the crown of the head is inlaid with 228 beads, 1880 diamonds and 18K yellow platinum. The minimum diameter of the pearl is 6 mm and the maximum diameter is 15 mm. For 6 million yuan, it is a "super crown".

Marine cultured pearls are produced in tropical or subtropical shallow waters, all using nuclear culture. Because of the nuclear nature of seawater pearls, the particles are generally larger and the ornaments are very good.

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