Han Lier underwear sexy no trace this summer is not afraid of 囧

Summer, the woman's season, the fire of the general weather, the fire-like sexy, or tight, or halter, or low chest, or perspective, filling a woman bumpy water as the perfect figure, sexy, charming, Enchanting, so that the man's fire From the inside! Underwear to wear inside, you can make a woman who emit a complete self-confidence, sexy and hot, if the back with Le marks, may also want to say Hugh embarrassment, so that women embarrassed. Happy, warm, excited, beautiful atmosphere came to a halt, the original noble, sexy, charming image of the perfect millet also gone!


Clever woman knows how to fit the lingerie and the summer most perfect match, so that underwear timely "stealth" at the same time create a charming perfect curve. Han Lir underwear most know the heart of a woman, breaking the traditional underwear sewn production process, the first to use the most advanced international most advanced equipment and manufacturing processes, the use of national patent technology (Patent No .: ZL.2010.20188853.X), the steel ring Built-in to effectively lift and gather the chest. Let the chest concentrated in the sexy zone, just right under the bite bit to tighten the belly, effectively support the chest, to prevent sagging. Once formed, seamless seamless, to help you grace graceful charm perfect show, do not see any trace of sewing needle, dressed like with the skin, the body will not be leaking ugly impression.

韩丽尔内衣性感无痕 这个夏日不怕囧

At the same time, Han Lier underwear 100% pure natural fabrics, soft and smooth comfortable, healthy, skin-friendly skin rejuvenation, thin breathable, let the chest experience free breathing.

Han Lier lingerie sexy, stylish, both elegant connotation, novelty feeling, and then hot again no longer want to worry Lele scar troubles, so perfect sexy real woman !!

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