How should the Hibiscus jade bracelet be worn?

How should the Hibiscus jade bracelet be worn? Which bracelet is suitable for wearing a hibiscus jade bracelet? There has always been a saying that “the bracelet wears one”. Because according to the "left into the right out of" principle, Furong jade bracelet to wear, it is more suitable to wear on the left hand, because the left side of the introduction of the energy of the gem to help their better achieve their wishes.

Moreover, most people are accustomed to working with the right hand. The workload of the left hand is not great. Wearing a Hibiscus jade bracelet on the left hand will reduce the risk of collision. Furong jade is brittle and easily damaged due to collision.

There is also a saying that the left hand is closest to the heart. If the lotus jade bracelet is worn on the left hand, the summoning of love will be more easily conveyed to the heart. Furong jade has always been called "love stone". Most women who wear it are expecting to summon a beautiful love.

Will it be faded? Will the lotus color change? Furong jade will change color. However, its color change is a gorgeous transformation. As the saying goes, Yu Yang, people also cultivate jade. Although Fuyu jade is not jade, but pink crystal, but it has the same jade beauty effect. Natural Furong jade, according to the wearer's constitution, the color will become more pink or purple, more moisturizing. Therefore, Furong jade will change color, but its discoloration is not the quality deterioration, but the wearer will "get it" is more pink, more rounded.

If you artificially dyed Hibiscus jade, the color will not become so beautiful. It takes a long time to wear, and some of them are faded or even black. Therefore, everyone must keep their eyes open when buying, and avoid buying synthetic products.

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