How to customize high and low end crafts to meet the market

How to customize high and low end crafts to meet the market It is understood that along with the improvement of people’s living standards, craft gifts have become the first choice for holiday gifts. The craft gifts are also divided into high and low grades. How can the crafts in the high and low grades be customized to better cater to the market?

It is difficult for general craft shops to trace the small crafts. Small crafts generally appear in small commodity wholesale markets, roadside shops, and even night market stalls. Due to its own characteristics, high-end craft gifts have a long production cycle and slow sales. It is common for people to pay attention to the situation where no one is buying. “Looking to buy only” is the attitude of most people to high-end crafts. Therefore, the return of funds is slow, and high-grade gifts must be backed by strong funds.

Low-end handicrafts have short production cycles, rapid product replacement, and high consumer purchase rates. As long as the models are chic and fun, the price of a few bucks is almost available to anyone. Low-end gift money flows quickly, suitable for flexible SMEs. High-end craft gifts are product-oriented and guide consumers through product features, modeling, and artistic value. Low-end craft gifts are market-oriented, what consumers like and what manufacturers produce. The promotion of high-end craft gifts is mainly based on the media. The publicity of newspapers and magazines is used to increase the popularity of products and raise the value of the products. It mainly uses soft texts to achieve the purpose of publicity. General high-end craft gifts do not go through dealers and agents.

Low-end craft gifts are mainly advertised by distributors. In addition to picking up some orders, they mainly contact small-sized commodity wholesalers in various cities. Products take the form of volume and capture the market and make profits. Regardless of high-end or low-end craft gifts, the choice of which product to produce must be based on the company’s own situation and the direction it is good at. Different products, different models, and different roads are needed to achieve the ultimate goal. Clearly understand the relationship between products and markets, and formulate effective strategies and strategies.

The low-end craft gifts include small ornaments, ornaments and toys. Most of the materials are made of resin, water glass, glass, imitation jade, and density boards. These kinds of products are often cheap and have a rough process, but they have a huge market space and a wide market. Consumer acceptance is high. Manufacturers generally produce in batches, and generally only value the quantity, because their profit margin is meager, which makes some manufacturers give up this market. Low-end craft gifts are more suitable as personalized custom gifts, that is, for some small cups, small ornaments, small toys, according to the needs of customers to add some decoration to meet the individual needs of customers.

High-end craft gifts include ancient glass, gold and silver handicrafts, jade, cloisonne, and large-scale root carvings. They are complex in craftsmanship and hard to find, such as large pieces of ancient glass arts and crafts, or precious materials such as gold, silver and jade crafts, or master craftsmen whose artistic value is as high as root carving, calligraphy and painting. These craft gifts are mostly artistic, ornamental, and expensive. They are suitable for buyers to appreciate and collect. Such products are often single items, and they are expensive and have established target customers. However, their market is narrow and limited to customers. The art of self-cultivation and their own preferences, suitable buyers can be encountered. However, due to the huge profit margins of high-end craft gifts, or making the business rush, the so-called "three years without opening, open for three years," refers to such products. This kind of product can be used as a material for high-level customized gifts, that is, each craft has more personal characteristics, such as a porcelain, if the hand-painted characters on porcelain are designed for someone, this private custom porcelain custom wine is a high-grade customized high-end craft gift. , worthless.

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