Installation and cleaning of yurt mosquito nets

The yurt mosquito net has a two-door design, which is simple and generous. When it is stored in the season, it can be stacked into a small cake shape, which takes up a small space and is more convenient to carry out. So how do yurt-style mosquito nets be installed, and how should yurt-style nets be cleaned? Today, Xiaobian will explain to friends in detail how to install the yurt mosquito net and how to clean it.

Installation and cleaning of yurt mosquito nets

The yurt mosquito net fabric adopts a new type of “breathing” ultra-transparent fabric (polyester), which not only protects against wind and wind, but also absorbs dust and filters air. The lace is decorated with snoring techniques and small flowers, and the simple shape of the mosquito net is beautifully decorated, making the living room feel warm.

How to install yurt mosquito nets:

1. Take out the mosquito net and spread it on the ground, then connect the folding pole into two strips.

2. Insert the two pipes in turn into the upper end of the mosquito net.

3. After the mosquito net is opened, inserting the heads of the two poles into the hole can be assembled very simply, and the nailed hooks can be dispensed with badly mounted, very practical mosquito nets.

(Note: The two tubes are cross-mounted. During the installation process, carefully pick up the carbon fiber holder to prevent injury to your fingers.)

After learning how to install the yurt-style mosquito net, let’s take a look at how to clean the yurt-style mosquito net.

Mongolian mosquito net washing method:

Soak it in clean water for 2~3 minutes, wash off the surface dust, then use 2~3 tablespoons of washing powder, put it into the basin with cold water, dissolve it, put it into the mosquito net, soak it for 15~20 minutes, gently rub it with your hand. Do not use hot water to heat, otherwise it will be deformed, rinse with water, and hang in a ventilated place to dry. Wash the nets, wrap them in a plastic bag or cloth and wrap them separately. Store them separately. Do not put the sanitary balls. If it is mixed with other clothes, the hygienic ball should be wrapped in white paper and placed in the corners of the cabinet. Do not touch the synthetic mosquito nets, otherwise the strength will be reduced and stains will appear.

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