Japanese cap industry giants join hands to create the first fashion brand Hat

Japan, with its number one animation powerhouse and brilliant achievements in the animation extension industry, has always been the role model and imitation for animation companies in China and around the world. Recently, a well-known Japanese-funded enterprises did not use the national animation image, but the most comprehensive strength with the Hercynian, the country's well-known animation industry agency Xiamen thumb Brother Animation Co., Ltd. formally signed a brand licensing strategic cooperation agreement, heavily purchased the company Well-crafted animation fashion brand "Little Rui and the devil" series of cartoon images in the hat area exclusive use of the image authorization. Professionals believe that with the background of multinational companies Choi blue choice and thumb co-operation together in the field of fashion hat industry all-round, three-dimensional, deep level of industrial development and operation, is expected to animation brand and high-end physical enterprises cross-border cooperation out of a new road. Brand licensing, animation image Grounded brand licensing originated in Europe and the United States, in recent years, Japan, South Korea's brand authorization has begun to flourish. Authorities statistics, the current global authorized retail sales of more than 500 billion US dollars each year, and this number is still increasing every year. In the past 10 years, brand authorization has proven to be an effective business model in both developing and developed countries. It has been called "the most promising business model for the 21st century" by the developed western countries. In China, brand authorization has become a booster for the rapid development of manufacturing industry. Big brother in the fourth quarter "family mission" Sept. 4 CCTV children's premiere, a number of new media such as potato, Youku on-line "is mainly grounded", about this cooperation, Japan Rhusons Group, General Manager of Fujian Cailan Zhong Xin said , "Although the company belongs to Japan, the company is" born "and" grown "in China and has entered China for 18 years, and we have paid more attention to the overseas markets such as Europe, America and Japan etc. In recent years, we have begun to invest in the domestic market, hoping To achieve the transition from traditional manufacturing to brand management.We are doing fashion hats, we found that this carrier of animation and fashion industry can have a good combination, through extensive comparison and in-depth research, we finally chose to cooperate with thumb comics, It is fancy thumb brother animation company's overall strength, unique business model and the small devil and the devil series of cartoon image market potential factors such as a comprehensive consideration, we hope that through the cooperation with the thumb brother, our Fashion hat industry in the domestic market by leaps and bounds. "In the development of export at the same time, Also eyes started to target the domestic market. For export enterprises to quickly export to domestic sales, from manufacturing to brand management, cross-border cooperation with popular cartoon brands is undoubtedly a good way. It is understood that the image of "Little Rui and the devil" is a big thumb in the past few years, animation giant Fujian Province to build the first series of 3D long series of giant cartoons. The film from 2011 onwards, the little brother launched the "Little Rui and the devil," first, second and third quarters for SARFT consecutive excellent animation recommended, and including CCTV children, Golden Eagle cartoon, card cool children, including the national 400 More than 50 new media outlets, such as Youku, Tudou, Sina and Tencent, have been put into full operation. Overseas offices have been distributed to more than 30 countries and regions in North America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. On September 4, 2013, Big Brother's "Family Mission" (52 episodes, 12 minutes each) was premiered in the CCTV Children's Channel, and then the local local stations and new media scrolled across National Day and New Year's Day. With the deepening of publicity and promotion, thumb comic brand effect quickly gathered. Grinding iron books, Haosheng culture, Danny Toys, Shun Quan, more than 20 real enterprises have reached a licensing cooperation with the thumb brother, showing a huge market potential. "Cooperation with the real business license, the animation image can only play a role in matchmaking, the last can not cooperate successfully, the most important thing is to see the animation company's brand image of commercial development value, brand integration marketing promotion efforts, the company long-term development plan And animation brands market appeal and influence, without these foundations, brand licensing that can only be wishful thinking. "Xiamen thumb com Animation Co., Ltd. Zheng Fangping, executive vice president, said," thumb comics after 6 years of development, in the content Creative planning, animation, copyright distribution, brand authorization, derivative product development and sales channel construction have made active exploration and achieved the industry's attention achievements, which are laid to create the basis for the successful cooperation. "Strong alliances, Advantage of complementary resources For this cooperation, the color blue hat industry and the thumb comic both showed great confidence. Zhong Yan, general manager of Choi Lan, said that the parent company of Choi Lan Hatter has more than 40 years of experience in the hat industry, and has world-class R & D and design capabilities. As a subsidiary of the Group in China, Choi Lan also has 18 years of industry experience and global sales Channel perfect. Color blue hat outstanding performance of fashion products, exquisite, environmental protection, health and taste, which with the thumb to create "China's first fashion animation brand," the "happy + fashion" brand philosophy is compatible. This is a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. Both parties can not only share common ideas but also integrate their superior resources. This is also an important factor for both sides to reach a consensus. It is understood that the blue cap industry was established in April 1995, is Japan's largest group in mainland China set up a large global market for hat-making enterprises. SHIGEMATSU CORPORATE is a 40-year-old established company and is currently Japan's largest professional hat company, which occupies an important market position in the world cap manufacturing field. Relying on the strong headquarters of R & D, marketing and manufacturing technology, the Group has established dozens of first-rate straw hats, felt hats, baby hats and men's and ladies hats, computerized embroidery and automatic cutting in Greater China Production lines, the hat production capacity of more than 3000000, the products sell well in Japan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States more than 100 countries and regions. As the only designated manufacturer of the Chinese delegation's top hat in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the blue cap once again proved its leading position in the field of cap industry with its own strength. Heavy loose group blue cap production base in Fujian Blue cap Blue cap industry with its expertise in the cap industry will be the big brother, "Little Rui and big devil" series of fashion hats R & D and operation laid a solid foundation. "We will take this cooperation as an opportunity to fully begin the layout of the Chinese domestic marketing system in the near future, we together with the thumbs layout of the national online and offline sales network, enter the country's distribution and sales channels, the formation of a domestic Our own fashion hat sales system, "Zhong Xin said with confidence. Compared to Japanese anime, homemade by thumb the original animation appears to be more "grounded atmosphere." "Not only do we have a long-term source of motivation for brand building because of our continuous innovation of animation contents and powerful animation distribution and promotion, our offline terminal channels have also been very mature. At present, more than 300 animation fashion experience centers nationwide will directly For partners to provide a strong sales platform support, which is our unique one of the core competitiveness of thumbs. "Executive Vice President Xiamen thumb said Zheng Fangping. Thumb Brother Animation was founded in 2007 with a total investment of 300 million yuan. Is a collection of animation creative planning, animation, copyright distribution, brand licensing, thumb brother family animation fashion Museum, animation education and training and integration of electronic commerce animation industry institutions. It is understood that the thumb brother animation currently the total number of cooperative television stations more than 400, the annual placement of TV patch ads lasts nearly 1200 hours, which will thumb brother animation brand promotion, extension of product sales in the country and other cooperative enterprises in marketing, to provide fruitful Advertising support. "We will promote the development of a number of channels, such as copyright distribution, brand licensing, thumbnail fashion and animation chain stores and e-commerce, through a steady stream of content of cartoons, and then promote the brand's reputation and reputation through the development of a number of channels. Degree, to create a set of entertainment, music, shopping for the integration of one-stop animation derivative products consumer platform for consumers to create a new way of entertainment consumption and real value. "Zheng Fangping said," In terms of sales channels , More than 300 thumb comic fashion experience Museum has landed in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, with the steady progress of franchising in the national market, in 2013 will reach 500-800, for the small Rui and the devil series fashion hat sales provided Strong channel support. " In fact, the thumbs brother, they take the "animation + industry" line, the thumb comic fashion experience Museum is the product of animation integration industry, the cooperation with the blue color is undoubtedly Familiar. In accordance with previous experience and principles, thumb brother relying on a professional brand licensing operations team, they will work together with the authorized business plan, to assist the authorized dealer for product design and development, mobilize both channels to join hands to develop new markets. The current cooperation has entered the product design and development stage, "Little Rui and the devil" series of cartoon images and brand culture will be "loaded into" the children's hats in blue. At the same time with the same name animation works "Little Swiss and the devil" in the broadcast network to carry out promotional activities. It is not difficult to explain why the choice of blue-blue company, the concept of fit, product fit, the goal of the market fit, so that the thumb brother animation and blue-color companies are "hated late." "With the rapid appreciation of RMB appreciation and domestic labor costs, manufacturers of pure foreign trade pressure is increasing.In the increasingly competitive situation, how to carry out brand management, is the future can seize the market a key point .For manufacturing Enterprises, through the way of brand licensing cross-border cooperation to launch their own brands to set up self-service sales channels, is a good way to transition. "Zhong Xin said. Little hat layout big market big industry China is still in a rapid development stage, with the world's largest sales market. In recent years, as the types and functions of hats continue to be enriched and improved, the human consumption tastes, the concept of clothing, the concept of health care and life are gradually increasing. Cap products, as the necessities of apparel, are increasingly strong and expanding in consumer demand and market. From the fashion trend of the cap products, with the change of the consumer's concept of advocating nature, pursuing individuality and unconventional innovation, the consumption trend of the cap products nowadays has changed from the original tidiness, the sign, the function, to the natural, smart, Portable rapid conversion. According to the United States, "Fashion" magazine statistics, hat products in the market selling point is divided into two parts, the traditional functional and fashion pop. The past two years, the market popular consumer psychology buy hat products accounted for 74%, far greater than the functional consumption. Color blue and thumb The fashion hat introduced this time just follow this trend, from material selection, style design, color matching to the pursuit of environmental protection, integration of taste and so on with the times. After 8090 parents are fashionable suitors, big brother and blue cap together the strong cut from this market segment, the market prospects. Relatively speaking, fashion hats market outlook is more impressive, "If children's clothing is the last piece of cake in the apparel industry, the children's fashion hat is the last piece of cake in the hat industry." Zhong Xin said, "We seize one Point, put it to the extreme, to win the innovation, coupled with the thumb co-star partner itself focused on the fashion industry, both sides can put their own advantages and resources together, it should be said that we have a lot of favorable factors, the market prospects are broad, Positioning accuracy, product, quality, production capacity of these areas can be very good control, I believe we will do something in the cartoon hat. "Zhong Xin full of confidence. Exquisite high-grade fashion atmosphere of the environmental hat It is understood that the thumb brother and the blue cap core team after many creative planning and communication, the first batch of products have entered the design and development stage, the first 30 models of hundreds of fashion hat will be in After the New Year's Day in 2014, the company was fully listed and sold through more than 300 thumbs-up animation fashion houses and thumbs-up blue caps covering over 100 countries and regions in the world. Industry veteran predicted that the thumb brother and the blue cap industry this strong combination of strategic cooperation, is expected to set off a new round of market fashion hat industry myth.

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