Jimmy Bear (JMBEAR) brand children's clothing 2011 new autumn grandly listed

JMBEAR autumn 2011 theme of "fairy tale", close to the fashion trend, product design adhering to the European style, and Chinese children's body characteristics and dress characteristics of the optimization and integration designed for children 0-15 years old Chinese children Wearing a "casual series" "College Department" "cute bear series" "Fashion Series" products. Fabric selection in strict accordance with the European implementation of standards, the use of green, healthy and comfortable special materials, give full consideration to children's skin characteristics, to help Chinese children grow up healthily. Leisure Series: noble purple, warm heart yellow, romantic khaki, cute pink throughout the Department of class, so that children are warm, warm autumn time, happy and romantic. College Series: Follow the fantasy of children's footsteps, Jamie Bear Institute series with diamond grid, magic squares to show the colorful and happy fantasy campus. Cute Bear Series: Let Jimmy Bear become a good friend of the children, let Jamie Bear's "Happy" accompany the children grow. Fashion Department categories: Gradient single-breasted hoodie hood, pretty skirts, small dresses, long beam pants, thick wind blowing fashion, small adults one by one as the stars in the autumn night, shiny, touching.

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