Nolan Bell women to create elegant and dignified intellectual mature girl

" Nolan Bell " is a successful women's wear brand launched by Benoy Trading Co., Ltd. in recent years. The brand caters to the pursuit of fashion 20-35 year-old urban women, highlighting the charm of youth, advocating personalized dress needs, combined with seasonal elements of the season abroad, close to modern urban life, product lines concise, beautiful, well-decorated, color Elegant, gives the feeling of elegance, relaxed and comfortable, has won the majority of consumers love.


"Noblebell" cleverly combines artistic creation with fashion design. The style is both ladylike and casual, turning women's intelligence, youth, nature and fashion into the most vivid.

诺兰贝尔女装 缔造高雅端庄的知性成熟女郎

"Nolan Bell" is a fashion, young, elegant, intellectual, family, to bring friends around the dress inspired, follow the fashion trend.

诺兰贝尔女装 缔造高雅端庄的知性成熟女郎

"Norland Bell" atmospheric style of the brand as well as arbitrary Zhang Xian temperament, elegant yet stylish connotation of the brand, so busy with the urban women more stylish and more dynamic.

TAPERS/Stick Candles
Tapers/Stick Candles
Our unscented, fragrance free tapers and stick candles are made right here in Hollywood, California and frequently requested by set designers throughout the entertainment industry. They are perfect for weddings, holidays, parties, ceremonies, religious events and vigils. Create the perfect touch for a family get-together or set the tone for your romantic evening.

We use only high quality wax in our clean, evenly burning candles. They are available in various lengths and many colors.
This is an easy method for producing simple Taper Candles. It isn't a hard process but it is time-consuming, so make sure to have some free time. The style of taper that you produce is up to you. Shorter taper candles have a more rustic feel, while longer candles suit elegant dinner parties. The choice is yours and is created by the choice of length of taper and the amount of wax layered on.

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Our range of luxurious, hand-dipped tap­­­er candles come in an assortment of designer colors and are so versatile that you can use them for any occasion.

About Our Taper Candles
Our taper candles are long, elegant candles that narrow from a slightly wider base to a conical tip. We offer a variety of sizes, from 6" to 39", with the base of the candle sized to fit into most standard candle-holders. You can purchase taper candles in pairs or in boxes of twelve, and some colors are available in a ½" version.

Why Choose Taper Candles?
We hand-make taper candles using our proprietary wax blend. They are made in small batches to ensure consistent high quality during the dipping and pouring process, and a slow burn that is smokeless and dripless. Our taper candles are also scentless, with the exception of beeswax.

Décor Inspiration
Taper candles can be used for many occasions. Try black and white tapers to create an elegant dinner party, bright colors for a social get-together, and match colors to your wedding theme. You can even use them to make an ordinary night in feel a little more special.

Stick Candle

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