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Clothing is the trend of the performance of the times of the goods, clothing storefront design is to adapt to and grasp the trend of the times. Excellent store design, not only to attract the attention of consumers, remember the store and leave a good impression; the same time, the clothes can also be scored for the store. Clothing storefront design include store name design, outdoor design, interior design. First, the storefront design (the first door and signs) Creative design is bound to not be able to bring power sales. If the store is the brand's face, then the appearance of the store is the store's face, we must fully consider it as the first visual element. The appearance of the storefront includes the physical location of the store location, building body, storefront light boxes, buildings and awnings, the other can not ignore the decorative effect of transparent windows. Appearance is an important part to attract the target consumers, the whole design principle is to try to attract passers-by to stop. Apparel store front should adopt a monochrome design, design style should be simple, the atmosphere, the overall, stable, easy to remember. Second, the store props design and layout of the program is usually a standard clothing storefront should have: 1, the image of the wall design 2, elevated design 3, window design 4, cashier design 5, low frame design 6, Nakajima shelf design 7, display stand design 8, sofa design 9, dressing room design (warehouse) 10, jewelry cabinet design 11, hanging 12, lighting design 13, ceiling and ground design. Apparel store design is the highest taste of the fashion industry design is set taste, concept, awareness and understanding of the aesthetic design as a whole, to a reasonable layout of the above content will depend on the designer's own background and style of the apparel brand understanding Degree, looking for designers, to design the brand's ideal store style, professional and industry experience is the most important. Third, the window display design window with the transmission of information, display business products, to create style and taste, to attract customers visual impact and so on, the window display can be described as the soul of the brand. If the shop compared to a person, that window is the eyes, from the window you can see the shop style, brand style. But for now, the lack of new display window design, many of the windows just to display the display, just a bunch of costumes and models of random, mechanical accumulation, simply can not grasp the core of the brand. Such a window, like decadent eyes, no soul. A good designer wants to show the perfect brand personality and style, the window is the best way to express the taste of the designer and the true meaning of the brand. Fourth, the product display design collocation designers in the design of stores, to take into account the shelves you designed in the future when the display of product coordination between each other, can not blindly design shelves. The display of goods should be introduced to consumers in the most economical and time-saving manner so that consumers can have a deep impression of the goods and thus generate the desire to purchase. This is achieved through the distribution of goods and the distribution of colors. Second, the store display but also a sense of rhythm, can not be too rigid color points, store cool and warm with coordination. When the product is displayed, let customers see the clothes, not shelves and decoration. Fifth, lighting design Lighting in the design, the first is to consider the overall coordination of the store. 1, the overall lighting, also known as general lighting, mainly to provide space lighting, lighting the entire space. Usually ceiling lamps. 2, product lighting, refers to the showcase, shelves placed on the product to enhance lighting, to better reflect the product fabric, workmanship, texture, color and so on. 3, focus on lighting, lighting for an important part of the store or space, such as windows, posters, models, crystal jewelry lighting. Offside juvenile equipment is the earliest engaged in the design and development, production and sales of young people from 8 to 15 years of age. Teenager friends to provide fashion, diversity, personality, dress solutions, won the countless boys and girls, parents, adults favor. Currently has more than 450 stores in the country successfully, with rich professional experience in shop management resources. Look forward to your joining, to achieve you, brands, consumers win-win!

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