Online shopping diamonds you need to know common sense

As a consumer, although it is not required to be a jewelry expert, the necessary homework is still to be done. Here, consumers are advised to pay attention to the following matters when purchasing diamonds online.

1, to have a clear understanding

First of all, jewellery products, especially diamond jewellery, are high-end consumer goods, which are different in price from other consumer goods. Consumers must be particularly cautious in online shopping. Secondly, because online sales are different from traditional sales, consumers cannot access them. In fact, the product can only be understood through pictures, and the pictures and physical objects often have certain differences, so consumers should correctly treat this objective situation. Third, due to the particularity of jewelry products, merchants are more rigorous in returning goods. Consumers must think twice before doing things to reduce unnecessary trouble.

2, to understand the business

It is necessary to carefully check the company name, address, contact information, etc. provided by the merchant. For information published by the merchants belonging to a certain association or cooperation with a certain enterprise or institution, you can call to verify.

3, to understand some jewelry expertise

Before buying, be familiar with the professional knowledge of diamond and other jewelry products, such as color, clarity, cut, weight and other standards, which is commonly known as the 4C standard, as well as the correct terminology of platinum, platinum and so on.

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