Panties have never been neglected fashion details

The 80s of last century, the young Brooke Shields swinging elegant hair swinging, a hand gently on the hips, full of magnetic voice to say the phrase "There's nothing between Calvin and me Calvin briefs intimate). " For avant-garde people, underwear has never been neglected fashion details, from generous to refined and compact, from the silence of the wasteland to the hubbub and commotion, the Triangle of small coat after the storm has now become a covert style guide Since the performance of the public. Graceful skirt or under the hips hip style customs have always been more attention, regardless of whether the concern is from men or women.

Hip sides laced panties

Cotton or stretch chemical fiber fabric, two slender tape to replace the original closed in the underwear on the elastic ring. Wear in the waist, in fact, at both sides of the hip bone will play long band with two elegant bow, enchanting wings in the waist.

内裤 从来都不可被忽视的时尚细节

Charm display: waist slightly, the waist line is relatively soft female. With a low waist dresses the most taste, light knot on both sides can deliberately revealed outside. It is said that in a fashion magazine opinion polls, most men think this section is the most sexy and style design, because the crotch bow people always have the kind of urge to unlock.


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