Ping Ye 2012 short winter short paragraph cotton figure petite MM gospel

Hangzhou Jianggan Ping Ye Clothing is located in the beautiful paradise of heaven - Hangzhou, with thousands of square meters of large clothing showroom, bringing together the Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing, Wenzhou, Guangdong and other places of famous brands of women , the use of clothing sales market On the seasonal differences and geographical differences in ultra-low prices to provide customers the freedom to choose.


Casual black short paragraph cotton suits, motivation reveals blue and white sweater edge and shorts to enhance the sense of hierarchy dress up.

萍叶2012冬季短款棉服 身材娇小MM们的福音

The blue sky looks comfortable and charming, and the black fur collar with the very right.

萍叶2012冬季短款棉服 身材娇小MM们的福音

This cotton dress is slightly cute and playful feeling, very suitable for smaller MM who.

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