Play the commonality of the keywords of seo into the homepage

[China Glass Network] is relatively busy, so there is no time to write an article, but there are drafts in the column. There must be an article in three days. Although it cannot be done in time, it is necessary to do one less week. Arrived. Directly into today's theme, Zhu Weikun brings more experience in researching the homepage keywords to share, I hope to help everyone's research, today is still the theme of seo, you can Baidu seo, see the ranking of the home page inertia!

Who is the owner of the site?

Everyone has a bunch of websites, and Baidu is no exception. It also has its parent station and child war. Speaking of rankings, the home page must have encyclopedias, so the name suggests, people need knowledge, encyclopedia, let you know. To make a popular analogy, our own station, as long as we want to put a top message, this information will always be more prominent in the website. From this point of view, Baidu products are also the same, so don’t tangled too much, there is One thing is certain is that Baidu products are edited by third parties, so the sixth point Zhu Weikun will tell you how to collect this site as a bag.

Second, relying on the ranking
Chinese people are lazy, everyone on earth knows, and Chinese piracy is very fast, because lazy, it has been surpassing the model. This is not to say for the time being. Generally, the top ranking is not high, but the external chain is more, but the commonly used tools. Many of the tools are confusing, very unreliable, nothing more than deceiving the public, but some people need it, so they will be accomplished.

There are three types of tools. The data is very general, the data is very general, the people who use it spend money, so the self-comfort, this is more common than other tools, so it is not commonly used, it is not allowed to use more. It is.

The second type is not charged, the function is a little better than the previous one, and the person used is a little more, but because it is free, so occasionally a big aunt several times, it is not very acceptable, free of charge is a public mindset.

Third, there are sponsors. This is the three-way profit, and more efficient one, the developer provides technology, the advertisers increase the visibility, the user is convenient, sometimes when they need certain things, they also buy the advertiser's products directly, thus making this causal cycle The effect appears, which allows the tool to fully demonstrate the power of the home page.

Third, gathering together to help - create legend

A huge source of knowledge and a huge amount of interactivity. In addition to being lazy, the Chinese are also characterized by love learning and endless learning. In the case of not spending money, it is self-study.

Here, we have to divide three kinds of people. The former people are stupid people. They are very hardworking and very self-study at this station. As a result, they have used a lot of time and energy, but they are half-baked because they are controversial in interactive platforms. Where is the foot, the questions are all controversial ideas, how can you have a vision?

The second person, paying the fee directly, and then having the guidance of the Master, will start the work in a month, and then practice the operation in a month. The money is earned back, and the technology is learned.

The third person is not disclosed for the time being.

In short, there is a huge user base to make the ranking.

Fourth, the authority creates a ranking
The official website, this is a magical website. It must be a force, the official is higher institutional approval, so it is exempt from inspection products, sometimes not on the top of the list, but there must be a place in the ten. If you dare, it is more important than the authoritative and intuitive identification from the beginning to the end. It is based on your point of view. When users are used to it for a long time, they will become recognized authorities.

Five, the relationship has privilege
People, with resources, can become a hegemon. You don't have to take anyone to make an analogy, look at it all, the network is like this, not much to say, you know.

Sixth, all of the above are for their own use

In the absence of greed, everyone can do the above, don't think about how strong you are. Encyclopedia is actually done by a third party, so an encyclopedia should not consider adding a link to its own website, but to make him a full name, authoritative, representing your own unique encyclopedia, that is, a brand word integration. To the Wikipedia, there is the more perfect the encyclopedia, the less able to shake his homepage ranking.

For the second to fifth points, this depends on each person's goal. These are all necessary to have a team to operate, so that they can be more perfect. For example, at first, there is no problem for a person, but to be big, it must be a team, then An authority is not the power of the individual, it is collective.

So, if you work hard, you will have good results and you can use them for it.

Seven, the rushing crown is angry for the red

This must be done at the end, that is, many websites are this phenomenon. Many are short-lived sights, showing off everywhere, and when they are going to appreciate, they are not there, just like moving their own feet.

Many people, in order to prove that they are more aggressive, then began to do things excessively, do not understand the cycle of gradual progress, and later led to this result.

But less, he once appeared on the front page, this is still let everyone wander around him.

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