Prevention of foot problems caused by wearing high heels

[This site - shoes and life] one: heel movement is not easy, or there have been foot injuries, heel some pain when walking or running, accompanied by skin swelling or fever. Avoid this situation, do not wear shoes with heels too high or too low. Have an ankle before you exercise.

II: Itching is extremely unconscious to catch it, but also accompanied by blisters, peeling, chapped, leaking, foot odor and other symptoms. Wear slippers as much as possible in public swimming pools and bathrooms. Choose breathable shoes on weekdays, change shoes and socks every day, and then dry your feet.

Three: The herniated blister found on the feet of the skin herpes, containing water. About shoes: Do not wear shoes that are too tight. Wearing cotton socks can reduce friction between feet and socks.

Four: Toes become Transformers The toes are forced to valgus and slightly external rotation, the little toes turn slightly internal rotation, the middle three toes tightly squeeze together. About shoes: Shoes that are too thin and too small can intensify and exaggerate hallux valgus. Currently, plastic surgery can correct this defect.

Five: The skin is wrapped in sand. The corns are conical horny hyperplasia. The plaque is horny hyperplasia. Occur mainly in the hands, feet, fingers, toes by the friction extrusion. Wearing loose and comfortable shoes is the key, wearing socks to keep your feet clean.

6: Toenail embedded in the meat toe nail tip to one side or both sides of the tissue in the growth of the bed, the foot of the thumb inflammation pus, red swelling, pigmentation. About Shoes: Wear loose and comfortable shoes. Trim the toenails and do not let them stretch their toes.

Seven: A long period of time when you have a foot pain The pain of heels appears when you stand or walk. After a short break, the pain will quickly disappear. Flat foot people have a great chance of suffering from plantar fasciitis, so wear casual shoes with a soft heel, and wear a comfortable insole when wearing them.

Eight: Severely smelly feet can be coated with aluminum chloride ointment. Apply ointment at night and wash it off during the day to reduce sweating. Wash feet thoroughly, use foot bath salt, wash your feet thoroughly with a towel. Wear clean, breathable footwear and wear different shoes every day.

Nine: Toenail discolored toenails turn grayish white, people usually call it "ash nails." This fungal-induced disease also thickens and discolors the toenails, causing odors. Keep your feet dry while wearing shoes. Choose breathable shoes, such as cloth shoes.

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