Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing strong landing Taobao Lynx flagship store

With the continuous development of e-commerce, the clothing industry's "net" has become a general trend. Nike, Adidas, Metersbonwe, and so a series of first-line clothing brands have set up the flagship store in Taobao Lynx, as the leader in the children's clothing industry, Rainbow cat blue rabbit Lynx flagship store in the long anticipated Grand sail it! Dad and mom do not have to go out and they can choose new clothes at home, wait for new clothes on the door! Right here: http://hmlttz.tmall.com/ With the opening of the Lynx flagship store, Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit 2013 autumn and winter new products have been offered to you, this season's new elements of the main seasonal popular colors of apparel, orange, yellow, blue, green for the main autumn and winter colors, all Is a popular element that kids love. Fashion style rich, stylish atmosphere, to bring children a healthy and vibrant color childhood. At the same time, opening a brand's official flagship store not only enables physical stores to interact with the online store but also expands the brand's consumer base (80% of registered users are under 35, mostly female), covering a broader geographic area of ​​sale, A good addition and extension of the shop. Online shop can make up for the lack of physical stores from time to time, 24 hours a day for customer service, many hours of operation to meet the needs of 8 hours; can help brand manufacturers to effectively sell the wrong quarter of goods, and promote all-season sales of goods (this Is not up to the store); At the same time can also be transported for the physical store many customers.

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