Secret chalcedony

Chalcedony, or cryptocrystalline quartz, is an unusual mineral with a fascinating history. Many colorful variants have been favored by the ancients, and they have been used as decorations and practical handicrafts. Today, although the world's chalcedony has a rich output and is considered one of the cheapest gem materials, it is still more popular than in the past. From the outside, the color of chalcedony is varied and the color changes are varied, providing endless aspirations and challenges for amateurs and rock collectors. Most chalcedony varieties have an attractive historical background, more than the legends, confusing and magical beliefs that are commonly known. There are fewer and more representative varieties of chalcedony.

1. Agate:
Agate is one of the first gem materials that people are familiar with. According to legend, it can bring happiness and confidence to the wearer and be endowed with the mercy of God; and also ensure their victory and strength. Being imaginary can cure insomnia and make the wearer dream. It is also said that it can help holders to be more careful and savvy in protecting their existing wealth. Agate is often used to make rings with an Islamic verse, a special character's name or some magic and symbolic numbers. For a long time, this ring has various functions and is a heirloom that protects the owner from disasters. .

2. Green chalcedony:
The word green chalcedony comes from the Greek word, meaning "golden green." The superstition legend associated with this yellow-green chalcedony variant believes that the murderer sentenced to death has a green chalcedony to protect himself from disaster. Although it does not explain how this miracle happened, historical records indicate that the gem is confirmed to make the prisoner invisible. Another interesting story is that the green chalcedony was worn by Aleksande in the belt to fight. It is said that after the Indian campaign, when he was bathing in the Euphrate River, the gemstones on the belt were towed away by a snake and fell into the river.

3. Light chalcedony:
Originally called Cornelia, but now it is no longer needed, Cornelia evolved from the ancient Latin word "cornum", meaning "horned berries" or "horned cherries." The recent spelling was flourishing in the 15th century, and it was mistaken for the Latin word "Carneolus". According to "Carnem", it means "flash". Legend has it that this red to brownish to orange-red variant can dispel evil and bring good luck. Imagine that it can exchange courage for a weak and timid voice, but speak loudly. It can stop suspicion and ensure that wishes are fulfilled. Among the Muhammads, red agate is common, probably because Muhammad himself wore a token ring.

4. Meat red chalcedony:
Similar to carnelian, but darker and more brown. Wrapped onyx is a combination of a red carnelian strip and a black and white layer of agate, which is the birth of August. Although the carnelian has long been a gem to prevent spells, sorrows, and sharing wisdom, it is believed to give the wearer victory and happiness, and also symbolizes longevity.

5. Bloodstone:
(Bloodstone or heriotope), dark-green chalcedony with red spots, is the birthstone of March, Heliotrope means the Greek word "sun" and "direction". Bloodstone can be used as a talisman, which is thought to prevent bleeding. Earlier reports in history, there is no mention of gems containing many chalcedony varieties. According to legend, it can make the sun turn red, thunder and flash. Give the wearer wisdom and bless them to be competent and healthy. Indicates respect for the wearer and is wary of being deceived. In addition, in any case, he can get what he asks and believes. All the doors of the road open to the owner of the carved bloodstone.

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