Shuibei Jewelry Procurement Conference Multiple Perspectives - The Story of Lucky Balloons

Have a balloon

It was taken to the procurement conference site

I have seen many people with dreams and happy things.

Your heart, maybe you can tell it

The happiest thing every day is the moment of bloom.

Completed the mission

Bring surprises and happiness

I'm waiting

"I am waiting quietly, waiting for the positive energy to be injected, and then getting stronger."

"There was finally a group of uniform and lovely MMs. They gave me energy and made me gradually full of connotations. At the same time, I still have a secret in my heart, a happy secret, waiting for my master to come, I will quietly tell her."

"Get up early to prepare for a day's surprise. The staff must blow 75 balloons every day before 8:30. At least three people need to start ballooning at 7 o'clock and bury a lucky one to ensure normal activities." Carry out. The staff worked hard." (With heart symbol)

Put a note with a prize printed on it

The day's balloons are all ready, waiting for the surprise bloom

"And this speed can't keep up with the positive enthusiasm of customers. Before they start working, they wait in long queues. Some customers can't get to the scene. In order to help customers rank in the top five every day, they get 500 outside the balloon. The voucher, it’s quite a fight to queue up one hour in advance."

"The busy time to take the time to bring customers to the event site registration, sweepstakes, awards, merchants MM's service is also intimate, warm, very in place."

I am watching my host.

"I am with my little friends, excited to watch the scene people coming and going, watching the little friends around me one after another happy bloom, bringing different luck to the owner, there are vouchers, there is a TV receiver, there is free Housing vouchers, self-portrait artifacts, and sun umbrellas, and I also ushered in my master."

The staff explained the lottery rules for the client

Buyer registration lottery information

Customer balloon

The staff carefully explained the use of the prize

Customers pay attention to the official website of Shuibei International Jewelry Trading Center

The sun is new every day.

From September 1st to 15th, on the day of positive energy, my friends and I met with every hard-working buyer at the Shuibei International Jewelry Trading Center, and then bloomed. Every day is worth remembering.

On September 1st, the first prize met the buyer of Sandia...

On September 2, the first prize met the buyer of Nanyang Hengxin...

On September 3, the first prize met the buyer of Sun Love...

On September 4, the first prize met with the buyers of Hong Kong Union Jewellery...

"Who will I meet with my friends tomorrow? It’s a very heart-wrenching moment. The more important thing is that the BMW Awards are still waiting, and the trolley case, ipad, and network TV set-top box are all looking for the owner!"

Lucky Grand Slam

"One day's surprise, half a day's time is fully revealed. Just after 12 o'clock noon today, 75 balloons have all been completed, waiting for the wonderful encounter of the next day, everyone must be early. On September 5, we will see you. !"

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