Silver jewelry identification tips

(1) Color discrimination method. Observed by the eyes, it looks white, shiny, fine workmanship, and printed with the store number on the jewelry, is a high-quality silver jewelry; looks yellowish, rough work, low-quality silver jewelry; poor color Most of the matt is fake silver jewelry.

(2) Bending method. Bending silver jewelry by hand, soft enamel, easy to bend and easy to break the color is higher; stiff, or barely twirling, and some can not even use the fingers to fold the lower color; after bending or hammering a few times The cracked silver jewelry; the light can not bend, and the easy to break is a fake.

(3) Nitric acid identification method. Use a glass rod to drop the nitric acid into the mouth of the silver jewelry. It has a high color of brownish beige, solid green or green. It is dark green, even black, with no foam or no foam.

(4) Throwing method. Put the silver jewellery from top to bottom on the platen, the bounce is not high, and there is a silver jewel that is true or high in color. It is thrown high on the platen and the sound is sharp. Silver jewelry that is fake or low in color.

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