Silver jewelry should not be worn with gold

The enamel in enamel silver jewelry is introduced into the human body by contact with the skin in a small amount into the epidermis, so it is best to wear it frequently. It should be noted that the silver jewelry is mostly rough and hard at the time of production, while the gold jewelry has a soft texture and fine workmanship. When both are worn at the same time, due to the daily activities, the two will often collide, and the silver products will be scratched. On the one hand, the surface of the gold jewelry destroys the beauty of the gold jewelry. On the other hand, the surface of the silver is stained with a trace of gold ions, so that the cockroaches cannot directly contact the skin, thus affecting the health care effect, so the silver jewelry is not required. Wear it with gold jewelry.

Silver jewelry

Although silver is a synthetic product of silver and silver, the content of silver still accounts for the majority. Therefore, when cleaning and cleaning silver jewelry, it is best to refer to the maintenance guidelines of silver jewelry. As we all know, silver products are not as stable as gold, easy to contact with water molecules or other chemicals in the air, and become black and oxidized. The chemical properties change, not only lose luster, but also the health care effect will be relatively weakened. Try to avoid wearing silver jewelry when washing clothes and washing vegetables. Usually pay attention to keep the silver jewelry dry. If you come into contact with water, be sure to take a soft, dry cloth and gently wipe it on the surface. After each wear, you can store it in a closed bag. If the surface is found to be black or yellow, you can use a soft small brush to clean the surface dirt, or wipe it with a dry cotton cloth and a little toothpaste to restore the surface.

Women's Cufflink

This is an accessory of cloth which is used for women--Women`s Cufflink. The most popular material for this item is brass and zinc alloy, but also we could make it by iron and aluminum. The final price for this item will due to your final design and final quantity.


Description of Women`s Cufflink:

Item: Women`s Cufflink

Process: Die casting/Stamping/Printing

Design: Customized (2D/3D)

Material: Zinc alloy/iron/copper/brass

Size: Standard size or custom size

Thickness: Standard size or customized

Plating: Imitation gold/real gold/antique gold/misty gold/silver/misty silver/antique silver/brass/misty brass/antique brass/copper/misty copper/antique copper/nickel/misty nickel/antique nickel/chrome

Color: Custom (soft enamel/hard enamel/synthetic enamel/printing)

Attachment: Cufflink

MOQ: 100 pairs 

Usage: Gifts/Decoration

Packing: 1pc/polybag/box

QC Control: 100% inspection before packing, spot inspection before shipment

After-sale service: Free replacement if find out any short or defective goods within 90 days after shipment

Sample time: 7-12 days

Production time: 18-20 days


Payment: 100% in advance for small orders; 30% deposit, 70% before shipment for big orders.

Women'S Cufflink

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