SOGNI KIDS Zhuowei Le signed a successful agent in Shanxi Province

On August 10, 2013, Hong Kong Zhuowei Dress Group formally signed Shanxi provincial agency agreement with Mr. Zhang Jianliang of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. Mr. Zhang Jianliang formally obtained the right to use the brand "SOGNIKIDS", Hong Kong Zhuowei Dress Group and Mr. Zhang Jianliang formally open up the market in Shanxi.Zhang has many years of experience in apparel brand management in Taiyuan. In July of this year, Mr. Zhang visited Guangdong to explore the market. (SOGNIKIDS) Zhuowei Le outstanding performance is precisely based on SOGNIKIDS Zhuowei Le sales in the terminal market strong sales ability, Mr. Zhang decided to personally visit Zhuowei Le Guangzhou headquarters. After A few days of investigation and deep communication with Zhuowei Le, Zhang decided to cooperate with Zhuowei Le. At the beginning of cooperation, Mr. Zhang is SOGNIKIDS Zhuowei Le in Taiyuan Chaoyang Lundai Mall 6 floor opened 200 square SOGNIKIDS counter, the first payment amounted to 800000 yuan.Recently, Mr. Zhang's opening work is intense preparation, SOGNIKIDS supervision of customer service team is also closely cooperate with the Shanxi agents of the work.

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