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Solendi originated in the 1960s originated in the United Kingdom's trendy brand, fashion, fashion, personality as a whole, with the latest fabrics, fresh colors belong to SORNDI (Sorrenti) unique charm after years of unremitting efforts , Now has developed into a well-known brand sales network throughout.

索兰迪 - SORNDI

SORNDI's products are designed for 20-35 year-olds who love fashion, fashion and personalities. To meet their fashion, fashion and personality pursuits, SORNDI launches well-designed apparel products every month so that they can Always update your wardrobe, so as to fashion, fashion, personal integration. SORNDI is the creator and advocate of fashion, trend and personality. For her, fashion, trend and personality are thoughts, seductions, a kind of desire and a feeling of love.

索兰迪女装  时尚、潮流和个性的创造者和拥护者

With advanced Invoicing management system, choose one-on-one distribution principle, coupled with sound and powerful distribution center and first-class cargo delivery system, effective marketing programs to ensure franchisee products and sales performance is not Regional and seasonal influences. On the franchise store managers and sales staff for theoretical and on-site training. Training includes: shop management, sales techniques to improve the display of goods and the use of hardware and software facilities and equipment. Franchise mode of operation, to achieve brand, resource, technology and service sharing, franchisee into a success with rapid speed, enjoy the wealth.

We are specilized in curtain fabrics for many years, especialy for hospital projects, with competitive prices and nice qualities.Our hospital curtain fabrics  are Long term anti-bacterial, wash 50 times still maintain ideal activity,the antimicrobial rate is 99%, and it still has antimicrobial effect at high temperature or with bleaching agent.Our curtains are up to the American standard, passing the AATCC147 textile anti-bacterial performance test; AATCC 100 textile anti-bacterial performance test; AATCC 30 fabric anti-bacterial function test; ISO and EU standards; passing the ISO20645 textile anti-bacterial activity test.

Effective antimicrobial species such as Escherichia coli,Staphylococcus aureus,MRSA,Klebsiella Pneumoniac,Candida albicans,ASpergilus Niger,Chaetomium globosum,Aureobasidium pullulans.The use of immortal shield silver ion anti-bacterial technology, fully play the natural power of silver ion, so that curtain cloth effectively resist and inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, heat-resistant, washable, light-resistant, safe and reliable.

Curtain Fabric For Hospitals

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