Summer flowers in autumn and winter Iraqi people 2011 summer dress

Qiu Shui Iraqi dress 2011 Fashion trends are still fold elements, but the clever designer deducted into the fungus fold to replace the shoulder and side seams, making it the highlight of the design of the entire clothes, simple style will naturally become the best Wild paragraph. Not only the trend but also to quality!

Natural feeling ~, create a slightly puffed, gorgeous feeling! Not pure aesthetic, more biased favoritism, connotation, temperament of the line ~ Very artist, very intellectual, also very gorgeous feeling chiffon dress! Pretty. More materials, complex workmanship. Of course, the effect is absolutely great.


夏季里的繁花似锦 秋水伊人2011夏装连衣裙

夏季里的繁花似锦 秋水伊人2011夏装连衣裙

夏季里的繁花似锦 秋水伊人2011夏装连衣裙

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