The government's comprehensive "Sword" focus on footwear counterfeiting

Recently, Quanzhou City, Fujian police jointly with the Quanzhou City Bureau of Industry and Commerce held counterfeit and shoddy goods centralized display and destruction activities, worth more than 25 million counterfeit and shoddy goods were successively sent to waste incinerators.

It is reported that the counterfeit brands that have been destroyed in a concentrated manner involve more than 10 well-known domestic and international brands such as Anta, Li Ning, Nike, Crocodile, PUMA, and EQ. Including finished products 108562 double, 127377 double semi-finished products, into a clothing accessories 54968, semi-finished products such as 11162 a total of more than 50 cars.

At the Quanzhou Urban Waste Incineration Power Plant, these counterfeit and counterfeit goods were dumped by a vehicle into the incinerator for “green” destruction.

At the scene of the display of the destruction activity, Zhuo Qingzhong, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Quanzhou City, told the reporter of the China New Network that since the special event was launched in October 2010, the Quanzhou public security authorities had found 215 counterfeit and counterfeit cases in one year. 201 from.

Among them, there are 7 cases handled by the Ministry of Public Security, and 5 cases with a value of more than 5 million yuan. 402 criminal suspects were arrested, of whom 126 were at large on the Internet and 116 criminal suspects were arrested; 608 false-manufacturing dens were dismantled, 95 wholesale and sales criminal gangs were dismantled, and piracy, counterfeit and counterfeit goods involving shoes and apparel were seized. People’s daily necessities for production and living are worth as much as 240 million yuan***.

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