U.S. and EU shoe companies face new export challenges

“The footwear industry is currently facing many difficulties, such as: shortage of labor, reduction of export orders, etc.”, Truong Thi Thuy Lien, president of footwear manufacturer Lien Phat Co., Ltd. in a seminar to explore opportunities for the footwear industry to overcome challenges Said.

"The public debt crisis in the United States and the European Union has seriously affected the interests of consumers in these countries, resulting in a reduction in export orders," said Lien.

It is understood that the number of exports from the United States and the EU market in the first quarter of this year has fallen by 15%-20% compared to last year.

In addition, labor-intensive industries are facing a severe shortage of labor. Many footwear manufacturers are trying hard to complete the export orders they signed. However, many buyers have gradually not signed new contracts with them because they fear that the manufacturers do not have enough workers to complete the products they need within the specified time. .

"In order to overcome these difficulties, we have rebuilt the company's products, cut all unnecessary costs, and studied our portfolio," Lien said.

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