Viewing Marketing Philosophy from Daily Shopping Premiums and Exclusive Membership Card Promotions

1. Differentiation, scarcity, and personalization of gifts

Spring Airlines has sales links on the passenger planes and the products sold are very peculiar and scarce. For example, the mini-stereos that won the German Music Design Award on the plane are imported from Singapore, and domestically only on Spring Airlines. Can be bought on a passenger aircraft, there are watches that can store and play MP3, these are some of the more unique, but also scarce products, our small home appliances have long been giving and products associated with the very close Gifts, can not jump out, dare not jump out of this circle, such as the furnace to send soup pot, wok, kettle; pressure cooker to send liners, water dispensers send cleaners, these gifts are gifts from the industry, in addition to quality and different price There is almost no difference in the number of additional products. These giveaways have lost their appeal to consumers. Only the quantity of gifts affects the purchase decision of consumers, and I think we can purchase some rare and exotic products. Sex, gifts that can attract consumers’ eyeballs as specifics of our differentiated gifts Shi, such as induction cooker can send some hand cream or facial mask, or nail polish, toner, etc., because the vast majority of consumers are women, and today’s women are very concerned about the maintenance of their face if they donate ordinary gifts. At the same time adding some personal care cosmetics may be able to attract more attention from consumers.

2. Premium branding, value-added

The friend went to buy Versace perfume for his girlfriend. The result was a bag of Barrett. A famous fashion brand in France. The branding of gifts has two advantages. The first is to enhance the brand sense of the product itself, which is the brand product + brand giveaway. > Another big advantage of the big brand is that it gives customers a feeling of premium value. It was originally directed at big brands. The result was a big brand bag and it was a gift, even if the consumer knew that the wool was in the sheep. This is true, but it is still willing to buy, because the same price if you buy these two products is absolutely can not buy, but manufacturers can use the advantage of the headquarters of high-volume collective mining to get great value at low prices Branded products, at the same time, for the given gift brand, not only get the cash value of the gift itself, but also get the free marketing and the unexpected effect of branding the brand. For example, our sky product can be presented A Disney limited edition tiger. This reform is also a measure to actively respond to this year’s headquarters’ ability to increase brand premiums.

3, giveaway control

This time, the products sold on the Spring Airlines airline meet the Chinese New Year's gas-trace characteristics. These products are easy to carry, beautifully packaged, and can be used as gifts for the Chinese New Year gift, such as the special scarves for the airline stewardess. New Year's home to send home female friends is very appropriate, the aircraft model to send children is very funny to make children happy, mini-effects to send home after the 90's is very suitable for children, then our appliances Can also learn to use these rules, such as 3.8 Women's Day can send some women's cosmetics or wallet, Christmas can choose to send some Santa Claus, Christmas tree, etc., National Day can send some gifts with the flag element.

4, expand sales channels

In the Spring and Autumn period, we dared to open up this kind of channel model for on-sale sales on aircraft. We should also learn the pioneering spirit of pioneering channels in the Spring and Autumn Period, be bold in innovating our sales channels, and some of which are conducive to sales and are conducive to broadening channels. To be creative, in addition to emerging TV shopping, we can negotiate with our headquarter department to sell our small products, such as small purple clay pots. We can also promote our tea range products at the tea exhibition. Selling our products in Hangzhou's hottest music broadcasts, we can also insert our special product sales advertisements in mobile newspapers softly. We display our products in furniture squares such as Redstar Macalline, and we can also work with real estate developers. Negotiations will house all of the finely-decorated houses in our live electrical products.

5, electrical exclusive membership card

In today's society, casually opening a person’s wallet, in addition to a pile of *** and debit cards, I think a big part of it should be a store or brand membership card, when you have a pocket When you want to buy a brand's membership card, when you want to buy the product of the brand's category, you should think of the brand at the first time. If you think of such a big brand as ours, I think this member system can also be used and the membership card can be developed. Loyal consumers, to create a system based on the headquarters as a traction, sending the membership card to the main push entity, set the standard of payment, such as how much a one-time purchase, or how many times to send a membership card, Members can enjoy special products, can enjoy points redemption, can enjoy birthday flower blessings and other membership benefits, can set up several levels of membership, different levels can enjoy different benefits, you can also regularly hold member parties, such as bachelor party, Housewife cooking forum, or who is the best husband and other folk themes activities, to enhance the membership Sense, enhance brand reputation.

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