Warm, fashionable jacket with casual charm

On January 2 this year, this network entered the cold winter season, a variety of styles of jacket items frequently appear. Windbreakers, down jackets, jackets, etc. are the most representative essential items in winter and are popular with the general public every winter. This season, the jackets that are both warm and fashionable are listed one after another. The eye-catching new style is dazzling. Let's take a look at these jackets that are both warm and fashionable.

The jacket with a very thick texture, super soft touch, a built-in drawstring handle at the waist, a double opening configuration with waist, zipper and crouch, and pockets on both sides are exquisite and unique. Camouflage pattern sweaters and high-waist skirts show a full range of casual charm.

Simple striped T-shirt and slim jeans match, simple and natural, take a loose version of the plush jacket, a very thick texture, the upper body warm and casual and comfortable, both feminine and casual.

Black and white stripe T with black slim pants, simple and natural, thick and warm denim jacket, shows the full range of leisure and charm tide, is the street with the warmest style with.

The thick coat of houndstooth color pattern, the medium-long version, and the material of wool blend are also very good in warmth. They are dressed in curled jeans and short boots. The whole dress is extremely capable.

In the lamb plush locomotive wind jacket, soft touch, round neck design natural, loose and comfortable version, take a gray sweater, under the Slim jeans and canvas shoes, the whole body is eye-catching and beautiful. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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