What is the mix and match 2014 autumn mix and match style

Another season is the mix and match, are you ready to mix and match children? Watermelon prince children's clothing to teach you how to mix and match, do not need to mix and match new autumn new clothing, but the old clothes can also mix and match fashion sense, the watermelon prince spring wear autumn wear, the same can wear dazzling dress. Mashup is a stylish outfit, mix and match can be said to wear chaos, but the chaos is the need to wear skills, this gray with a green jacket, a cotton skirt with watermelon red soled socks, so that Color, like not like a Christmas tree? Very bright and also very trendy. A simple T-shirt can also be a mix, this orange wave point long T-shirt style with a brown skirt, lower body with a lace socks, this match will be popular elements are combined together to create the most fashionable children Outfit.

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