Woman heart 2012 new flower of the sea lovable

The new spring and summer this year, the woman's heart window once the market has been recognized by the public, and many consumers alike, in the highly competitive underwear market, women's hearts have been combined with professional, fashion, personalized monopoly chain brand, joined Business for the fashion, personality, rich product demand, consumers to meet the pursuit of comfortable, simple and healthy lifestyle consumer demand, and create a suitable for many women's fashion lingerie brand !

女人心2012年新款  花的海洋惹人爱 女人心2012年新款  花的海洋惹人爱

女人心2012年新款  花的海洋惹人爱 女人心2012年新款  花的海洋惹人爱

This year, the spring of the woman's heart is a spring fashion theme, to create a flower of the ocean, spring new designs and more flowers for the design inspiration, a symbol of love roses, rich peonies, as well as some enchanting patterns.

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