Yingdianna home clothing elite brands

Indena (Indena), Zhongshan City Clothing Co. Brown Cavey's strategic brands. As the elite brand of home furnishing apparel, the British Diana, with "a hundred years of enterprises, international brands" as the goal, determined to become the leader in home apparel brands.

英第爱纳 - Indena

British Diana brand, headquarters in Shanghai, is a collection of brand operations, manufacturing in one of the specialized and modern enterprises. Since its establishment in 1998 under the leadership of founder Mr. Hu Fangfang, all staffs have sincerely united, pioneered and innovated, starting from the trade in knitwear and expanding their business into underwear , underwear, homewear, thermal underwear and Other products Processing and trade areas, and the formation of a certain scale.

With the enterprise spirit of "pragmatism, enterprising, serving, innovation and gratitude", Yingdianna insists on the development principle of "limited industry diversification and business unit specialization" and based on the principle of "Brand Pioneer, Key Breakthrough, Local Surpassing and Overall Promotion Upholding the human resources concept of "people-oriented and harmonious development", improving team building, continuously optimizing the profit model, management structure, resource allocation, business investment portfolio and operation mechanism to comprehensively enhance core competitiveness.

英第爱纳 家居服饰中的精锐品牌

After more than 10 years of steady development, Yingdianna currently employs 1,200 people, including more than 50 overseas employees and net assets of more than 80 million yuan. It owns a production base covering a total area of ​​13,200㎡, including Zhongshan, Quanzhou and Yizheng. 2500 sets of advanced production equipment, with an annual output of more than 1.8 million sets of home clothing, underwear more than 18 million. To date, British Diana has set up overseas sales subsidiaries in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Poland with annual sales of more than 20 million U.S. dollars.

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