Zhang Xin Yi UTT Tokyo fashion show to help join the first anniversary celebration

April 19, 2012, Beijing, UT (unitedtokyo trend) as China's largest single Japanese brand collection shop, landing on the Chinese market, the first anniversary of the April 19, 2012 in the CBD area of ​​Beijing World Trade Day Staged flagship store held a grand anniversary celebration, at the same time released a full-fledged Japanese fashion sense of 2012 spring and summer fashion show. The organizer combines the concept of conventional show with the fashion culture of Japan to bring live performances different from those of previous catwalks and well-known orchestras. The exquisite decoration of various small Japanese ornaments and flowers filled the venue. With the dynamic tempo, the model has more affinity Smile and casual pace to interact enthusiastically with guests, so that the whole show easy, free and full of fun. It seems as if Tokyo's corner miniature has come to the fore, allowing the guests and media friends present to spend a relaxing and beautiful evening together. The presence of the famous actress Miss Zhang Xin Yi also added another glamor to the dazzling celebration, which brought a fresh feeling to the audience and applause. Zhang Xin Yi UTT Tokyo Fashion Week to celebrate the grand anniversary celebration UTT (unitedtokyo trend) is China's largest single Japanese brand collection shop UTT Tokyo Fashion Union spring and summer 2012 fashion with "retro rock", "French sweetheart", " Charm modern "as the main idea, its Shibuya 109 series rock star on behalf of the brand glad news the use of rivets, skulls, stitching, waist, tassels and other elements will be cool this season, vividly show the image of the girl. The shop main push the new brand Souffle dela is the French 70's teenage girl dress as inspiration, make extensive use of mint green, lavender purple, crayon yellow, baby powder and other sand candy color as the keynote, with the smooth wave cut lightly reveals a fresh, pretty Romantic atmosphere. Advocating women's personality, with a strong sense of design brand decive in Japan is in hot popular season with simple and clear lines to blend folk customs and geometric patterns, with bright high-color large blocks, out of urban women Sensual, gorgeous style. UTT Tokyo Fashion Federation to Japan's most trendy and fashionable boutique dress to high-sensitivity fashion women, even in the face of the bustling and rapid pace of the city, but also without prejudice to each woman exudes confidence and charm, so that they do not have to Far away from each other, but also to enjoy the cutting-edge fashion from Japan culture. 2012 spring and summer fashion show full of strong Japanese fashion sense enjoy the cutting-edge fashion culture retro rock French sweetheart charm from Japan Modern UTT Tokyo Fashion Union Brief introduction: UTT (united tokyo trend) by the Japan Fashion Association, the Japanese fashion media co-fine Selected, recommended brands and composed of large fashion brand collections shop, which includes fashion designer department, graphic designer department, department store department, OIOI Department, 109 series and other series of the most representative brands. UTT can not only see the well-known brands such as Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc., but also individualized works of ultra-cutting-edge designers from Daikanyama. In addition, UTT store is still expanding its product line, has now added Japan's ultra-popular beauty products, beauty equipment and Japanese animation peripheral products. All UTT products are available in stores in Tokyo at the same time, providing consumers in different parts of the world with a synchronized lifestyle. As Japan's first-line fashion brand collection store, UTT's core business is to synchronize Tokyo, UTT is not only for many Japanese brands to provide a coverage of major Chinese cities product sales platform, while the output is Japan's high-quality life philosophy and meticulous Japanese Spirit of service. In UTT consumers not only enjoy the first time in Japan fashion clothing, but also to experience the most authentic Japanese-style business services.

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