One or two pieces? Double Jacket Stylish Jacket

This February 26th, this site , it is time to introduce the season's most important clothing mix - a neutral short jacket and a matching long-spliced ​​coat. This conscious visual illusion once again returns the false two to the T stage. The wide shoulder, fit, and square shape c-----

An important member of the crystal family - Amethyst

Amethyst's English name is Amethyst, which is derived from Greek and means “not easily broken. Amethyst is an important member of the Crystal Family. She is noble, elegant and solemn, and was chosen as the Birthstone of February. Amethyst in Western countries It -----

Windbreaker + heels with spring pop charm

This site February 19 hearing, the spring is the season to wear trench coats, look at your closet, there is a windbreaker jacket? If you do not hurry to prepare one, as a girl, windbreaker can enhance the temperament and charm. Xiaobian recommend spring fashion windbreaker models and trench coats -----

Fashion, simple, atmospheric femininity - Chu Weiwei

Simple European version of the line, chic hand-sewn and precise cutting structure changes are the most touched women TRUVIVI place Multiple collocation for a variety of occasions, the choice of the modern urban women implicit, introverted sexy full interpretation of the characteristics Sub-----

HX Han Xuan teach you with the most fashionable winter …

Autumn to winter to late autumn how we warm it yet, a hairy coat to help you busy! Quality coat is not only very warm in winter, but also the best self-cultivation and gentle girl temperament of the perfect single product. Popular winter coat, with the past, the new details of the popular point, -----

How to buy authentic and cheap clothes

Women like three kinds of flowers, rich flowers, casual flowers, beautiful flowers, but the dream is full of very realistic, not every woman can have a lot of money for your beautiful flowers, in life we ​​still have to understand how Easier thrifty make yourself beautiful. So how to-----

2014 Valentine's Day poem allows you to immediately…

When the Lantern Festival met Valentine's Day, PK gluttonous glutinous rice balls, pomegranate with light body underwear gorgeous participation in the PK war among them ... ... Lantern Festival, with a set of "zero par" Light body underwear go back to honor their mother, let the moth-----