Panties have never been neglected fashion details

The 80s of last century, the young Brooke Shields swinging elegant hair swinging, a hand gently on the hips, full of magnetic voice to say the phrase "There's nothing between Calvin and me Calvin briefs intimate). " For avant-garde people, underwear has never been neglected fashion d-----

Rainbow cat blue rabbit children's clothing strong …

With the continuous development of e-commerce, the clothing industry's "net" has become a general trend. Nike, Adidas, Metersbonwe, and so a series of first-line clothing brands have set up the flagship store in Taobao Lynx, as the leader in the children's clothing industry, Rainb-----

Recycling of pp woven bags

1 Introduction With the widespread use of "" plastic woven bags (hereinafter referred to as "bags"), the production of "" bags is increasing, and it is accompanied by more and more such discarded bags. Recycling these waste bags for recycling is an effective measure to-----

Wang Haodan wears Portsuits and adidas Originals shoes …

Star Street Festival "Cross Lavida Sparkle Party" was held at Crowne Plaza Shanghai Meilan Lake. Wang Haodan wearing Ports 1961 brand women's 2014 early spring vacation series adidas shamrocks with adidas Originals shoes debut on the red carpet, that night won the "Flash of the Y-----

Silver jewelry should not be worn with gold

The enamel in enamel silver jewelry is introduced into the human body by contact with the skin in a small amount into the epidermis, so it is best to wear it frequently. It should be noted that the silver jewelry is mostly rough and hard at the time of production, while th-----

Select underwear brands should pay attention to what po…

Now many people are optimistic about the underwear market, that the underwear industry is a good project, in fact, is true, and now although a lot of underwear brand , but with the continuous development of underwear industry, underwear also appeared a lot of categories, such as functional lingeri-----

Wear sexy and sexy peach on the bra night

Bra as a woman must have a single product, choose a bra fit for all aspects of their own is an important factor in maintaining good health. Chan cloud will be the perfect combination of oriental culture and underwear products, exemplify the unique interpretation of the oriental women temperament a-----