Cardigan brand men's series fancy campus son

In this warm and cold days, thin but warm Cardigan knit jacket is absolutely a companion, this season to show off more people, with a variety of bright colors and patterns design, so that gentlemen into the gentle son of the campus, Or full of sunny outdoor man. In the past, most men's knitted -----

U.S. and EU shoe companies face new export challenges

“The footwear industry is currently facing many difficulties, such as: shortage of labor, reduction of export orders, etc.”, Truong Thi Thuy Lien, president of footwear manufacturer Lien Phat Co., Ltd. in a seminar to explore opportunities for the footwear industry to overcome -----

The government's comprehensive "Sword" fo…

Recently, Quanzhou City, Fujian police jointly with the Quanzhou City Bureau of Industry and Commerce held counterfeit and shoddy goods centralized display and destruction activities, worth more than 25 million counterfeit and shoddy goods were successively sent to waste incinerators. It -----

Yingdianna home clothing elite brands

Indena (Indena), Zhongshan City Clothing Co. Brown Cavey's strategic brands. As the elite brand of home furnishing apparel, the British Diana, with "a hundred years of enterprises, international brands" as the goal, determined to become the leader in home apparel brands. British D-----

Luo Wei Loewe2011 autumn and winter custom series fur c…

Loewe's Made-to-Order Collection (Fashion) Lookbook, the latest fur costume from 2011, was performed by Alessandra Ambrosio, the Brazilian supermodel of the gas field. The elegant attitude of the suede trench coat, the gorgeous grace of the gradient fur coat, and the neatness of the high-rise j-----

Jimmy Bear (JMBEAR) brand children's clothing 2011 …

JMBEAR autumn 2011 theme of "fairy tale", close to the fashion trend, product design adhering to the European style, and Chinese children's body characteristics and dress characteristics of the optimization and integration designed for children 0-15 years old Chinese children Wearin-----

"Release"----Tamar TEMAR Women's Spring/S…

Releasing The use of soft color language to elucidate the contours with tension The eclectic details and cascading take us away from dimness and gloomy, without contradiction, only essence; Like the scene in the morning fog, it is vague and tempting, and the natural texture is full of expression. -----