The price of cotton yarn is stable

Recently, the prices of cotton yarns in the raw materials market of China Textile City remained weak, and the prices did not change much. Most of them continued to be stable. The demand for cotton fabrics slightly decreased, and the products continued to change seasons. The prices were ste-----

How should the Hibiscus jade bracelet be worn?

Which bracelet is suitable for wearing a hibiscus jade bracelet? There has always been a saying that “the bracelet wears one”. Because according to the "left into the right out of" principle, Furong jade bracelet to wear, it is more suitable to wear on the left hand, -----

What is the problem of online jewelry jade sales?

Although searching keywords for jewellery or jewellery, hundreds of jewelery websites were found, but it was easy to find that the jewelery websites were of uneven quality, some were inaccessible, some were slow to update, and others were unsuccessful. It also puts product images on the In-----

Gloria 2013 Summer Dress Picture of Gelia Women's J…

Lace collar A-type woven shirt ride the elegant chiffon skirt reflects a trace of Smart. The orange-red broad-brimmed sun hat and brown long curly hair style make the whole person appear quiet and comfortable. Knit mesh dress is neither exaggerated nor dark. Black belt, without reservation to show -----

SNOW BOUND?? Women's Hebei Tangshan Yintai departme…

SNOW BOUND?? {Women's Hebei Tangshan Yintai department store counter brand perfect upgrade, artistic atmosphere of the display design embellishment?? {Women's fashion elegance. SNOW BOUND?? Women's Hebei Tangshan Yintai department store counter brand perfect upgrade SNOW BOUND?? Women-----

3 to 4 years Asian apparel industry will be further sub…

At present, most of the clothes in the world are produced in Asia. The reason for this is that there is less start-up capital in the clothing industry; second, there is a large amount of cheap labor in Asia. However, some experts pointed out that some Asian countries’ economic depen-----

Check shirt with a clever match to show different kind …

This site July 16 hearing, the classic Plaid let us put it down, the British style full children Plaid shirt in every boy's wardrobe will have different colors, different styles, a seemingly random Plaid The shirt will always bring you a different wonderful effect. Can be casual, can be handso-----