New Year New M & Q brand across the board upgrade

At the beginning of the new year, M & Q brand children's wear is even more new. I wish all friends from all walks of life who have started or are about to start the project started their business and the New Year is festive. M & Q brand fully upgraded the development model, children's fashion style personality, to capture the most fashionable international design concept, combined with the Chinese children's own characteristics to reposition, the avant-garde brand of cultural connotation and more humane product design fusion. To provide children with the overall image design, taking into account the children's and parents' aesthetic ability and lifestyle. M & Q for middle and high-end groups, the introduction of mid-priced children's clothing brand, to meet the children grow fast, fast clothes update needs. At the same time choose to focus on healthy and natural fabrics, apparel design structure in line with children's body structure, is conducive to the growth of children's bodies. M & Q black and white fashion children's wear M & Q black and white fashion children's clothing by Korean fashion designers heart to build, "personality childhood, I type I cool" as a brand appeal, emphasizing fashion, personality, simple, stylish, classic black and white classic, fusion quarterly Popular colors and popular elements, displaying unique personality, while continuing the original Korean flavor at the same time, into more international pop style and fashion elements, and truly meet the 80's parents and the new era of fashion, personalized consumer demand! White noble, black mysterious, bursts of sparks, the achievements of the eternal classic and fashion. To meet the market demand, full of cool, dreamy sweet M & Q more creatively into a charm with Chinese characteristics, such as red, black and white children's clothing to add a more romantic and fantasy, but also reflects the children's pursuit of fashion and the future Beautiful vision. Company Name: Shanghai Lan Bo Star Children's Products Co., Ltd. - M & Q M & Q Children's clothing brand domestic operations center: Guangdong Province, Shantou High Technology Development Zone, Science and Technology East Road on the 3rd Golden Vengeance Building on the 8th floor Join Hotline: Fax: Official Website : Www.mqkids.CN Mobile Website: Join the details: http://

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