Dongguan Tianxiang Fashion Co., Ltd. 2013 marketing strategy meeting was held smoothly

Brainstorming, raging torrent - Dongguan City, Tim Cheung Garments Co., Ltd. Marketing Strategy Conference 2013 successfully held "The Art of War," there are clouds, "the road to military use, to count as the first", "first set in the first, and then exit the military." A good business strategy is the fundamental guarantee of business success. "Without a strategy, there will be no business." Therefore, behind a successful brand and business, there must be a series of meticulous marketing strategies in order to strategize and win a thousand miles. In order to better take the interests of customers as the center and realize the long-term and efficient development of the enterprise, from November 20 to November 23, 2013, Dongguan Tianxiang Fashion Co., Ltd. Marketing Strategy Conference 2013 was successfully held in Nankunshan, Huizhou. The meeting revolved around the company's overall marketing strategy in 2013. The heads of departments respectively reported the 2013 work plan. Heads of various departments conducted a comprehensive and professional presentation on the overall work plan for 2013. Colleagues from all departments also conducted fierce discussions on the overall strategies and programs for each module in 2013 and put forward more comprehensive and professional opinions and suggestions Suggest. Chairman He Li Fang and General Manager Pei Li also put forward many constructive suggestions and suggestions on the formulation and implementation of the strategy, the establishment of the sales model, the importance of the product planning, the establishment of the information system and the turnover and management of the goods. Various departments to enhance the competitiveness of the brand, emphasis on marketing and promotion, increase franchisee and supplier guidance and support, do a good job of talent introduction, training and incentive mechanisms to further improve the enterprise marketing management capabilities. "Three-year development depends on opportunities and ten-year development depends on strategies." The meeting not only deepened the company's overall development plan in 2013, effectively grasped the work direction, promoted the innovation system of the Company effectively, seized the opportunities, met the market demand, obtained the competitive advantages and achieved the specific goals of 2013. The meeting, Contact: Yuan Sailing QQ number: E-mail: [email protected] Tel: Mobile: Line: \ turn 8321 Fax: \ Website: http:// \

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