Yun Dun men ride the top of fashion, stunning world!

Fujian Yun-Dun Clothing Co., Ltd was founded in 1986. After 20 years of fighting pioneering and time sharpening, has now developed into a professional menswear product line development, research and design, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the large joint venture in Hong Kong garment enterprises. Registered trademark "Yun Dun", is a famous brand in Fujian Province, China Famous Brand; Yun-Dun products are China's brand-name products, the state Mianjian products, brand-name products in Fujian; Chairman Dai Qun is standing director of China National Garment Association, China Trademark Association Standing Committee , National Garment Inspection Center Technical Adviser, Fujian Top Ten Outstanding Trademark Operation Entrepreneurs, Putian City People's Congress, CPPCC Standing Committee, Model Workers, Top Talents, Vice President of the Federation of Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs. The company now covers an area of ​​3.8 hectares, the standard factory building area of ​​60,000 square meters, fixed assets 120 million yuan, the total number of employees up to 2180 people, all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 500 people, more than 200 senior management personnel. The company took the lead from the United States, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, France and other developed countries and regions import advanced plate making, production, pre-shrinkage, ironing and testing equipment and instruments, with the world's leading garment production lines 35, the annual production capacity It is one of the enterprises with the largest production scale, the most advanced technical equipment and the most innovative ability in the apparel industry in China at present. At present, the sales network of Yuntun has covered over 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, with more than 1,500 stores and shopping malls with a unified image, unified decoration, unified shelves and large-scale management, achieving the expected goal of leapfrog development. More than two decades of Yun Dun, more than twenty years of Pinbo, Yun people have gone through a period of extraordinary business path, achieved a historic leap. Brand strategy upgrade project started, build the core value of the brand, in 2008, Yundun men push "Chinese dress" product concept, stunning the world! Adhering to the design of the vulgar and refined, the "Chinese culture" element into the product design. Adopting the embroidery, pattern, color and colorful bead decoration which are extremely Chinese nationality, they complement each other, combine the simplicity of fashion with the classical elegance, advocate innovation, simplicity and leisure, and embody the personalized appeal of "Yudu Fashion • Drunk China" , Pay attention to the combination of Chinese culture and clothing, the pursuit of refined quality of life. With the "atmosphere, relaxed, unrestrained" feeling to clean up ordinary life, and strive to create men's casual dress taste. Product style to Chinese and Western, Chinese traditional culture and the international top fashion, "Chinese gown" to show the profound and fashionable charm, is committed to creating China's only national service brand. Yundun Men 2008 Beijing 3.28 International Clothing Fair. Focus on the introduction of the "Chinese dress," "Classic Series", "Business Series", "Golf Series", "Fashion Leisure Series," the four major product lines. "Cloud London fashion • Drunk China" March 28, 2008 Beijing International Clothing Fair grand opening. Global public push "Chinese dress" first concept. One product to fully tap the elements of traditional Chinese culture and Western fashion elements, design of human culture, lifestyle, fashion as the main line, given the Yundun men, elegant Confucianism and Western European fashion, full interpretation of "Feng Yun character" state of mind Change the environment of the brand appeal. 2008, Beijing is a fashion hot, yunted men "Chinese dress" will ride the top of fashion, stunning world!

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