JOYO brand down clothing hold live winter fashion

The winter of 2011 came later than usual. Fashion MM bought a lot of beautiful clothes, is not the long-awaited to wear. You winter clothes hold the cold in recent days it? Fashion down jacket is undoubtedly the first choice in recent days. MM who, JOYO this camel down do not miss it. Slim design makes your body more slim, come and see it.


JOYO, inspired by Rome's Trevi Fountain (Trevi Fountain) Inspired by the unique Gothic design style, a deep sense of Italian free aesthetic aesthetic style, combined with the international metropolitan women's fashion to express a deep understanding of their love , Highlighting the taste at the details, while using high-grade Italian and Japanese fabrics, and strive to highlight the modern woman beyond self, self-reliance and the pursuit of individuality fashion expression. JOYO will be the perfect blend of fashion world in every detail of the product which, under the ultimate fusion of these women condensed into a woman of their own subtle and enthusiastic love, and this love into the hearts of women and urban women ideal life The pursuit of clothing throughout the design concept, so that urban women in the ultimate interpretation of the ideal life in different roles in different occasions. This beauty is JOYO perception of social change, change of life, change of fashion, aesthetic change and dare to break through and challenge, dare to change and dare to change bold innovation.

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