Abbott Baby Living Museum to create a leading brand of baby clothes

Shantou Abbott Women and Children Goods Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, is a professional R & D, design, production and sales of professional women and children apparel supplies business. Enterprises have tens of thousands of square meters of first-class modern production plant and more than a thousand high-quality staff and industry management elite, with strong product development, production capacity and advanced marketing concepts and rich franchise management experience. Abbott from its inception to the present, after years of arduous efforts, the company established in all parts of the country management of the sales network, through these networks to provide an endless stream of products to consumers. Rely on good quality and standard service, the company's "Abbott", "Bei Bao" two major brands won the relevant state departments awarded the AAA-level credit units and other honorary titles. Abbott marketing the use of advanced franchise mode of operation, the full implementation of the franchise in the country, the implementation of brand strategy! To market demand-oriented, product quality as a fundamental, scientific management as a means of standardized management and services through the terminal to achieve the ideal partners to make money and learn business skills, creating consumers, partners, Win-win situation for the enterprise, baby brand leading the industry's ambitious blueprint. Abbott in product research and development in the "cute, elegant and comfortable" design concept, the integration of fresh and bright colors, the use of fine worsted fabrics launched hundreds of quarterly 0-5-year-old baby out of service and dozens of supplies of diverse , Comfortable underwear and functional and practical supplies, has laid a solid foundation for becoming the industry's leading brand. Abbott has been committed to the design, development and production of baby clothing products, product manufacturing technology in the same industry-leading domestic level. Rich manufacturing experience and scientific management methods, not only to protect the high quality of products, but also control the cost of production, Bei Bao, Abbott accurately grasp the high-quality, mid-range price of the market position and won more consumers Trust and love.

Women who like a shoulder bag show a kind of pursuit of quality everywhere. They consider the problem more comprehensive and rational, which is a rational person with both content and form. Will not be affected by the emotional, very strong minded. At the juncture of decision making, it is often considerate and careful. But the powerful aura that gives out can shock people around.

Women who prefer single Shoulder Bags are usually simple and natural. Like "black and white ash", and can control freely, will not be covered by color to personality.

Although one-shoulder bags are one of women's favorite, there are still many men's one-shoulder bags on the market. Of course, men's Single Shoulder Bag is mainly business and leisure.

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